Sunday, June 3, 2012

TW!: making time

As if I have time for one more thing . . . 
Oh, wait. Kate, what did you say?  I have to MAKE time?

I'm jumping in fingers-to-the-keyboard first. Tap tap tap. Click click click. Delete.

Sure I write a little here and a little there.  I write on Tuesdays -- actually, it's Monday -- but I post my Tuesday Slice of Life at the Two Writing Teachers.  I write my four little lines about my day in my 10 year journal.

But do I write?  I mean really write. Like Kate Messner write? Or Gae Polisner write?

I'm going to try.  Maybe there is more to say deep inside those fast typing fingers.  

I'm joining literally hundreds of teachers and librarians in an online writing camp to experience the life of a writer.  The ups and the downs. The fast and furious clicking and the silence.  All in hopes to turn around and understand our beginning writers that we encourage to write every day.  

My first assignment:  Make a writing plan for summer and beyond.

I can start with my summer writing plans as I have a little bit more time.  I mean, I'm off for the summer from school, but I'm a mom first for my twin two year old daughters. (Yes, TWO TWO year olds. Silent prayer of patience please.)  They will keep me busy MOST of the day.  I'm also reading a #bookaday and finding recommendations via Goodreads. I'll continue slicing on Tuesdays.  I have a stack of PD books I want to read and join in the #cyberPD discussions with Cathy, LauraJill, and numerous other teachers.  Oh, and a little time for Twitter and the numerous amazing articles, blogs, and links to read.  Wait, what about Pinterest?  Nothing like getting sucked into a world of 'pinning' that is a deep black hole of ideeeeeaaaaasss. . .

Uh-oh. My husband is tapping his foot wondering what I'm up to right now.  
"Isn't it summer?  What could you possibly be up to now?"  
I guess I need to make time for my hubby too.  (I wonder if I can get him tweeting and start a blog and start pinning . . . maybe we'd be more 'connected.'  Only kidding, honey.)
My writing plans:
For the summer:  I'll write for 15-30 minutes while the girls nap. I'll type in the living room or in the screened in porch if the breeze is just right.

For the school year:  TBD.  Once the writing habit is created, this may be easier to determine.
Looking forward to learning, growing, and finding that writer!  


  1. Oh, you are busy. My daughter, full time job, comes home to a 3 yr. old & a 10 month old (great Papa too, though) & gets it all done, with plans after 8 o'clock, then promptly falls asleep. Oops! I feel for you, but there's going to be lots of support & I hope that will help us all! Best wishes, Michelle-love your fast fingers!

  2. You go girl! You're such an inspiration to me! I am always wondering, "What will Michelle do next?" I am really thrilled to be working on this project to improve my you said, "really write".

  3. Your thoughts about how your husband may respond made me laugh - yes, you will have to carve out time for him, as well. I've given up on Facebook and Pinterest. Maybe some other year! Glad to have a fellow "Slicer" on board, Michelle!

  4. I don't know how you do it all. I get exhausted just listening to all you do, but somehow you manage to balance everything (even hubby). Looking forward to reading more of your writing - you make me so very proud. Love ya M

  5. I'm not sure I would have tried this with kids at home. I'm so lucky I only have to work around Chloe during the day. With my husband at work all day, I should have plenty of time, but you know how it goes.

    Anyway, glad your joining in the fun this summer. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. As usual you amaze me, two years old? How did that happen so fast? I love reading your writing and those babies will too one day. So glad you are MAKING the time for my reading enjoyment!

  7. Glad to be in camp with you! Look forward to reading more of your writing - always a delight!

  8. I also laughed at your description of your husband. The screened in porch when the breeze is just right seems like it will always be a special treat!

  9. I know you can do it. Being busy teaches to plan one's time extra well. Just remember to breathe and play. I'm excited for you.


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