Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Found Poem: What Happened . . .

When Twitter is a-buzzing and I'm browsing, some days there are just too many blogs, articles, websites, etc. to check out and read thoroughly in one sitting.  So, I always have an open virtual "sticky note" on my desktop, where I drag and drop the web address to read at another time.

I had about ten sticky notes each full with at least 10, 15, or even 20 items to revisit.  Now that summer is here and I'm on vacation at my parent's house (where in the evenings there is only time for me because I'm not home thinking about everything on my to-do list), I have a little time to go back, read, reread and share.

I stumbled upon this poem from Kate Messner that I wanted to capture and remember.

Enjoy this excerpt of a found poem reminding us why we need to write and why I am so thankful for all who write books, illustrate books, and take part in any of the process of making books!  Oh, and thank you Kate Messner for this treasure!

What Happened to Your Book Today
by Kate Messner
Somewhere, a child laughed
on that page where you made a joke.
Somewhere, she wiped away a tear,
Just when you thought she might.

Somewhere, your book was passed
from one hand to another in a hallway
busy with clanging lockers,
with whispered words,
“You have got to read this.”
And a scribbled note:
O.M.G. SO good.
Give it back when ur done.

Read the rest of the poem HERE.


  1. Hi, Michelle! I'm so glad you enjoyed this poem - but instead of copying & pasting the entire poem to your blog, would you please replace this with just a short excerpt and a link to my original post (where the copyright is noted) so as to honor that copyright? Many thanks!

    1. My apologies and thanks for the specific feedback in honoring the copyright.


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