Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Cool

I'm sitting at the counter in the kitchen and I'm checking the comments on my Tuesday Slice of Life post and reading other slices during the girls nap.  I see my dad slide onto the computer at the desk in front of me.

I've observed over the last few days that he's good about checking the stocks
"Stocks are down 100 points."
and the weather
"Still says it's 96 degrees."
or playing a quick game of Hearts
(in which he insists he wins almost every time).

Instead, at this moment, I see him pull up my mom's blog. He reads her post and laughs about poor ol' Max trying to survive with my two little intruders.  He then scrolls through the comments and ventures over to my blog.

There is something strange or awkward or cool about seeing someone else reading your blog on their computer screen.

"Oh, I guess the next time you write you are going to have to write about your trip from the girls point of view.  And everybody loved your no to-do list!"  I guess that was his way of leaving his 'comment.'

"I just think this is so cool!"  He exclaimed.

Every week my dad reads my mom's blog and my blog.  I think that's pretty cool.


  1. I'm still reading, Michelle. That is very cool. And today, your mom commented on my blog, & I think she has before, but I hadn't figured out who she was before. You are the inspiration! Now if you can get your dad to start blogging about stocks. There's got to be people out there who would love it!

  2. Your Dad is "hooked" on our blogs. Every Monday he asks what I'm going to write about and then Tuesday, he opens it, reads it and says "good job". Then he clicks on your blog - he truly enjoys reading your writing and is so very proud of all you do and write (we both are). As for his commenting, it's usually "be sure to tell Michelle ....". Love ya M

  3. Yes, that is very cool! It's great that your parents see your life through this "window"!

  4. Yep--pretty cool! Your dad is one of those "lurkers" we know are out there. It's fun that you got to see him reading you and your mom's blogs. And Linda is right--a blog about stocks would have an audience!

  5. Cool as can be. You are a lucky girl. You parents are lucky that you share. Writing is different than just talking on a phone. The written texts (blog posts) reveal a different dimension of a person.

  6. That is pretty cool! This post made me smile. Your moms comment made both Scott and I chuckle a little. We have both been following your blog for a while now. Since I am finally signed up and starting my own blogging adventure, I can comment! Scott will take your dads approach... "be sure to tell Michelle"


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