Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Long Walk To Water

A Long Walk To Water, by Linda Sue Park, was recommended by a fellow blogger, Linda at teacherdance, a couple weeks ago.  I love when teachers share great books; especially books that I may not decide to pick up on my own.  (Sound like any of our students???)  I've recently professed my love for picture books, so I'm not always scouring the internet or bookstores for young adult books.  So keep those recommendations coming!

I'm always encouraging my students to share a great book that they have read and loved, and think about who else would enjoy this good read.  (Check out this "gotta read it" form your students can use to recommend a book!)  Well, Linda said that she loved this book, and after reading her post, I was thinking it would be a good read -- even though my schema about the troubled country of Sudan and the 'lost boys' was minimal.

What a great read!  I started the book last night and didn't put it down until I finished it!  It is an amazing true story about Salva, who was caught in the middle of a rebel war back in 1985.  Salva was told to run -- run away from home, run away from family.  Years and years Salva traveled from refugee camp to refugee camp, until his final destination in the United States. In the book we also meet Nya, a young girl living in current Sudan, who must walk miles and miles each day to retrieve water for her family.  The author weaves these two narrative stories that finally merge in the end.

It's an amazing story that makes you think about the struggles in other countries, like constant fighting and war -- and even struggles for things that we take for granted every day of our lives, like water.  Yet, it also inspires hope.  A hope that change will come.  A hope that anyone, even you, can make a difference.  Today, Salva is continuing to make a difference!  This is a must read!

Check out these video trailers to see more:

Also, another book trailer from BookWink -- a resource that I'll be checking out again! 

Linda also offers many ideas of how the book can be used in the classroom.

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