Friday, May 20, 2011

The Best Medicine: You've Got to Try This!

open widephoto © 2009 brendan.adamson | more info (via: Wylio)

Some of the best medicine
these days is free.
We all need a little dose
every now and then to feel better.

It doesn't come in a pill or
taste like pink bubble gum.
But it is good for your health --
a healing gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy a little by yourself, but let me tell you:
it's even better when shared with a friend.
It will make you feel silly and
sometimes you may even cry.

It lightens the mood, calms the tempers,
diffuses tension, and chases away anger.
Some say it can be addicting, but
I know for sure it is contagious.

What is it you ask?  Where can you find it?
How do you get some?  Now?

It all starts with a smile and a giggle to follow.
Then the laughter arrives.  And it doesn't stop.
Laugh.  It's an amazing cure.  Try it.  Just laugh.
Feel better?  I sure do.  And it was free!

Laughphoto © 2009 Justin Cellini | more info (via: Wylio)


  1. Yes. laughter is a good medicine. Especially in the intensive month of May (the way you described it in your previous post). I hope that you read, heard, saw, and/or did something funny today.

  2. Great poem - you have made a smile and laugh come alive. It just takes that first smile and then a laugh and it's infectious to everyone around you. Keep smiling and laughing and your day can only improve from there. Love ya, M

  3. You are right on about this Michelle! A really good belly laugh feels great! We all need to remember this next time we get stressed about things that are really not all that important! Thanks for helping us to remember!


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