Saturday, May 7, 2011

Blogging: Practicing a Craft

Writing is My Hobbyphoto © 2009 Charles J Danoff | more info (via: Wylio)

Just over three months ago, I thought about venturing into this world of blogging.   It was full of promise and learning and cool technology.  It was intriguing, yet frightful.

I want to be the best me no matter what hat I'm wearing or what role I'm playing in my life.  I'm constantly searching for ways to continuously improve: reading, learning, discussing, collaborating, and experimenting with technology.  I want to improve myself as a teacher, a mother, and expand my knowledge and schema about so many topics.  Life-long learner at heart!

I decided to take the first step in blogging.  Yet so many questions swirled around in my head:  Did I want to create a professional blog and share my thinking and learning?  Or, what about a personal blog and I could record the details of being a new mom of twin daughters?  What do I write?  Where do I write it?  I think it's going to be difficult to manage one blog, so how can I manage two blogs?

Deep breath.  Luckily, setting up a blog was as easy as 1-2-3.  Therefore, I created a professional blog and a family blog.  (Besides, no one is going to read them, right?)  I wasn't sure I knew what I wanted my blogs to represent or showcase, but they were blank slates ready for words to fill up the spaces.  I realize now that my blogs have grown beyond what I ever anticipated.

The blogs were created in a click, click, and save.  I started writing.  I was writing for me.  Then I joined the TWT Slice of Life March writing challenge.  The challenge was to write every day.  I struggled with what to write on which blog and . . . and . . . and.  In my mind, I thought my professional blog was all about teaching and reflecting on my practice in the classroom.  After starting the challenge, I knew I would not be able to write only about teaching.

My two most important worlds, my family and my teaching, overlap.  I'm learning to balance and prioritize in both worlds.  Therefore, my writing had to represent this life that I live.  I had to incorporate my family life and teaching life.  I had to be able to write what was speaking from my heart.

I'm blogging to share. I'm blogging to learn.  I now realize that I am blogging to practice the craft of writing and to share my learning as a writer.  It doesn't matter what my topic may be, or what world I'm referring to in my writing.  "Just write: It's good for you."  I fully understand that the art of writing improves my learner-self, my teacher-self, my mother-self, and my techy lover-self.


  1. Your writing shows how much you care about your career in teaching and how much you love your family. By writing and sharing, you have found out a lot about yourself and how you can balance your family and career. It's not always easy to keep things in balance, but by sharing, you not only help yourself, but other who read your writing. Keep writing and sharing. Love, M

  2. I so agree Michelle...but you forgot one thing-you blog to inspire because that's what you have done for me...Thanks so much for sharing because now I too blog for numerous reasons...which has opened up a whole new me! Hugs L

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