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{should have}

Image from Unsplash: Photo Credit Jordan McQueen
Image from Unsplash: Photo Credit Jordan McQueen

Right now, we {should have} been ...

Enjoying the Hawaiian Islands
A trip of a lifetime with family
Celebrating 50 years of marriage and family

Soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches
Sight seeing and observing island life
Relaxing, laughing, sipping something good

Flipping through the tourist books
Balancing the busy hustle and the resting calm
Making memories and taking lots of photos

All this will happen. Just not this year. Not right now. 
But Summer 2021. Watch out. We are coming for you.
For right now, we are home.

Dreaming about what {should have} been.


  1. The "should have" sounds like a dream. I am sure the alternative celebration of anniversary and family will contain all the love in the world and is going to be incredibly memorable.

  2. I understand the longing for what it was supposed to be. Now you will have another year of anticipation and the reward will be oh so sweet.

  3. Yes, my thoughts this week have been in Hawaii. We had thought and dreamt about this trip for so long and now we look forward to 2021 when we WILL celebrate and enjoy a trip of a lifetime.

  4. Ohhhh...even in disappointment you remain optimistic. I love the way you often turn to poetry to sort through the things happening in your life.

  5. I love the last stanza with all its hope. That trip will be amazing whenever you get to take it.


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