Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{Today} #sol17

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I packed my last box
stacked it on top of all the waiting boxes
and I sighed.

I looked around my desolate classroom
thought about my students
and smiled.

memories of students laughing, learning, sharing
of great books echoed in the empty room
and I looked down.

I left a note welcoming the new teacher
moving in hoping she loves the cozy space as much as I did
and I blinked back tears.

I took one last look, closed the door
for the last time
and cried.

I walked down the hallway, out of the school
drove away for the last time
and never looked back.

my summer can begin -- time with my girls, reading,
continued learning, growing and preparing for my new role
and I let out a big sigh of words.


  1. Michelle, hooray for summer and I hope you can find hope and new possibilities in your new role. (What is it?)

  2. More than one way to look back, right? Thanks for sharing these memories, even the "big sigh of words."

  3. Good luck in your new role and thank you for sharing all these memories.

  4. Those memories will remain as a big part of who you have become over the past 15 years. They will make you stronger and give you the strength to move on and do bigger and better things at your new school in your new role. Hugs, Mom

  5. I hope the sun will shine to cheer you up and allow outside fun with your girls.


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