Tuesday, June 13, 2017

{no words} #sol17

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I don't even know where to begin.
There is so much to say.
Yet, still no words.

My brain is a tangled mess of words and emotions.
So many changes: New role. New school. New teachers. New students.
Saying goodbye to my school family after 15 years.

Friday was our last day of school.
Squeezing students goodbye because I just couldn't say the words ...
As tears fell, heartbroken.

I waited and waited and waited before starting to pack.
A room full of books and treasures, because once I started ...
Then I knew it was all too real. Too final.

Yet, I understand my purpose for moving on.
It wasn't my decision, but I understand there is a bigger plan.
I must forget all the reasons why it won't work--

And believe the one reason why it will: The kids.
There are new kids who need me, my help. my love.
Or, perhaps it's me. Maybe I'm the one that needs these new kids.

I'm in the midst of packing box after box after box.
Every little thing packed has a story.
A memory that I'm bringing with me.

Huh, I guess I found a few words.
There is still more to say ...
But this is where I begin.

(Thanks, Terje, for nudging me to slice.) 


  1. Oh, my. You have been in a tornado of change. A decision made for you not by you is so hard to accept. I so hope it all works out for the best.

  2. "but I understand there is a bigger plan"
    Thinking of you. xo

  3. Oh wow! Moving after 15 years is hard. But you're right there's somebody out there who needs you. Good luck with the packing!

  4. It will take time and patience but you have all the tools and reading magic to make this work. You won't believe how excited the new kids will be to have you there. It will refill your bucket!

  5. You have leaped one hurdle, now on to the next. It was a difficult week to be sure and packing will bring more memories. But as you said, "I must forget all the reasons why it won't work--And believe the one reason why it will: The kids." Onward to new challenges and opportunities. Hugs, Mom

  6. Leaving the known to travel into an unknown is always difficult, but you have the right mindset. You are needed. Remember that!

  7. This sounds like a big change and I hope it will be a positive one for you. I love your line about this kids needing you or you needing them... Good luck.

  8. Michelle, now I understand what your new role is-not of your choice. Remember that each new experience allows you to become a better teacher. This one will be difficult at first to get used to the culture and environment but you will be doing the work that brings you love. Best of luck.


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