Saturday, June 4, 2016

Announcing the 2016 #cyberPD Book Choice!

Cathy Mere, Laura Komos, and I are so excited to announce the PD book title for the 6th annual #cyberPD event!!!

It was not an easy decision ... every year seems to get more difficult! We scoured the PD book stacks. We researched. We read. We discussed.  We pondered. We questioned.  Back-and-forth Voxer messages. Trying to select this year's title that meets our criteria and high standards of PD.

This July we will spend time each week reading, reflecting, sharing, writing, responding, learning, and stretching our teaching brains and muscles to be the best we can be in the classroom.  The best part about it?  We are NOT alone!

It all started six summers ago ... sharing PD book titles that were to be read over the summer.

A small group of educators decided to read a book together, share some thoughts with a blog post, and respond with a comment.  It was an amazing learning experience because we all know reading and learning is social!  What better way to read and learn than with colleagues around the globe?

Each year our  Google+ community grows and the ideas and learning opportunities continue to expand and reach all heights -- from preschool teachers to professors to LRC directors to reading specialists and ALL classroom teachers and educators in between.

Today our Google Community is 200 educators strong!  (Cue confetti!) How amazing that so many educators take time during their summer break to join in conversations about teaching and education?!?

Bravo to each and every one of you! 
You make this community work.  Please join us!

This summer we will be reading this new, popular Heinemann title by Kate Roberts and Maggie Beattie Roberts ...

It's all beginning this July! Order the book, start reading, and join in!  Share your thoughts each week around specific chapters with a reflection in the Google Community -- a blog post, a Google+ comment, and on Twitter (#cyberPD and #DIYLiteracy).  We encourage you to respond and comment on at least 3 other participants reflections.

The #cyberPD July Schedule of Events
Week of July 3rd: Chapters 1-2 and the Bonus Chapter
Week of July 10th: Chapters 3-4
Week of July 17th: Chapters 5-6
Week of July 24th: Final Twitter Chat

**Last year we added a weekly Twitter chat for participants.  This was a popular addition, so we will continue to host a weekly chat for participants who prefer a little real-time conversation. Stay tuned.   

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  1. I am ridiculously in love with this PD community. It's so great to have people to discuss these books with! Hooray!!

  2. I'm super excited about having a reason I HAVE to buy this book! Can't wait to read it!

  3. It's great that you do this every year!


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