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{that book} #sol16

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I have a hard time squeezing in all that I want and need to do.  Every day priorities shift and change depending on the schedule and the little things in life that come up.

Until I find that book*.

Then everything in life stops.  Priorities are set aside.  And I read.
Every waking moment that is free from responsibility, I read.

A couple pages during my breakfast while I watch the time tick-tock and I shuffle girls along.
Relaxing at lunch with my book open, falling deep into another world.
After school, waiting while the girls tap and dance, I jump into this other life.
The girls are tucked in bed, I'm on the couch desperately holding onto the last word.
Later at night, I click on my side light and reenter the pages of that book.

Every waking moment that is free from responsibility, I read.
Then everything in life stops. Priorities are set aside. And I read.

Until I finish that book.

This is what I hope and dream about for my students, my readers.  That book that they can't put down.


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*That book that I'm reading right now:  salt to the sea by Ruta Sepetys. It's amazing.


  1. I'm so glad you added what your current "that book" was at the end....I was dying to know!! That book when the student gets mad you are sending them to recess & declares, "Well, I'm taking my book!" I love the discovery of THAT BOOK!

  2. Like Krista, I was dying to know what "that book" is. You've definitely captured my reading life! A few pages here, a few pages there.

  3. I'm with you with loving those moments!

  4. Love "those" books that just grab a hold and won't let go until the last page is turned. Sometimes we just "have" to put everything else aside and READ! So glad you took the time. I'll have to check out "that" book. Love ya, Mom

  5. I finished Salt to the Sea recently. I have to say that reading war books is challenging, war is so senseless, the suffering of innocent unbearable. Ruta writes well, keeps you reading, as your slice excellently expressed.


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