Tuesday, April 26, 2016

{I could write about} #sol16

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I could write about ...

the crazy mixed up schedule
and the look of sadness and despair
when I informed my friends
that small group and book sharing
would be temporarily put on hold
due to PARCC testing.

I could write about ...

the excitement that's been building
since January is finally happening
in the next week and the feeling of
anticipation and sense of urgency to 
pack, make numerous phone calls, and
create checklists for the move into the new home.

I could write about ...

the daily moments and stories
that make me smile with love
as I think about who they are
as almost six year old girls
navigating school, a move, and a birthday --
my beautiful, funny, caring, wonderful daughters.

I could write ...

but instead I spent the evening
playing games and reading books
doing dishes and folding laundry
creating more checklists and
party planning as I watched HGTV
and realized I still needed to write.

I could write about my day ... and I did.


  1. So much fun and excitement and worries and butterflies 😜. Happy to hear all of it!

  2. Exciting times for each of you. So much happening and yet time to share it all. Love ya, Mom

  3. It certainly was a busy day! I hope you got some rest too!

  4. A really busy day! I can't imagine trying to move at this time of the school year! Yikes! And then making time to play games and plan a birthday too! Wishing you peace and calm and energy in all of the busy-ness.

  5. - the daily moments and stories
    that make me smile with love- My absolute favorite lines.

  6. So much to write about! So uplifting!


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