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{that one little word} #sol16

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Happy New Year! Happy everything!  I love the excitement that a new year brings -- a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to try again.  January rolls around and my hopes and dreams explode with new opportunities.  

I also love the idea of inviting a little word into my life.  One little word that I can focus my thoughts around throughout the year.  One little word that I say daily and visibly display as a constant reminder.  One little word that provides positive hope, energy, and enthusiasm.  One little word that brings me peace in believing.  

Play. Faith. Strength. Breathe.  All words that chose me at the right time ... to allow me to live a richer, fuller life.  All that are now a part of who I am and serve as my reminder in the moment.

{Created with VanillaPen}

This is my one little word for 2016.  Happy.  I spent a year of taking lots of deep breaths and this year I'm ready to exhale with happiness.  I'm a happy person, but I tend to take life too seriously. (No, really.)  And focus on what needs to be accomplished. (Let's go.)  And sometimes I forget to find my happy in the moments of life.

This word crossed my mind as a possibility.  Then within a day I was inundated with this word everywhere I turned: emails, letters, cards, tweets, songs, just everywhere!  I smiled knowing that this word was screaming and waving, "Pick me!" and those goosebumps let me know:  Happy is my focus for the year.  Finding the happiness in each moment.  Focusing on being content, lighthearted, joyful, even sunny!

Happy is my one little word.  Happy everything!

And am I so happy that I'm right here sharing my one little word with you right now. 

A sign already sitting on my mantle as my reminder.


  1. Such a bright and sunny word. Your logo for it is perfect. May your happy grow exponentially!

  2. I'm so HAPPY that you found your OLW - it suits you well, as each of your previous words have. There is so much happiness in your life and all around - we just have to look for it. Enjoy living your HAPPY each day. Love ya bunches, Mom

  3. Sounds like a great word Michelle! More important feeling it and living it each day! Happy Happy New Year my friend . . . miss you ;-) xo

  4. I love this: I smiled knowing that this word was screaming and waving, "Pick me!"
    HAPPY is a wonderful word!!

  5. Yay, we have almost-matching OLWs this year! I can't wait to see what happy and joyful moments are coming for both of us!

  6. Happy 2016! You even have a theme song!

  7. Exhale with happiness - what a beautiful mantra!

  8. Love your word was almost mine, but I different word found me! Enjoy your journey.

  9. I love when your word finds you! I'm so glad you noticed your word. HAPPY will be a wonderful word to guide this year!!!! LOVE this!

  10. Hooray for you and hooray for your OLW!

  11. This reminds me of the year I chose "delight", and I loved it! Funny how even when you are a pretty happy person, it's too easy to so get bogged down in the ruts of everyday life that you don't really do a good job being intentionally happy! Enjoy your word!

  12. What an upbeat word you've chosen. I love it. Now I have the Pharrell Williams song running through my head! Happy New Year to you.

  13. I have learned that one can also retain--happy--despite adversity, challenges, and losses in life. It may look different than laughter, but it can be happy, just the same.

  14. Happy sounds like a terrific word! Did you make the sign?

  15. Happy sounds like a terrific word! Did you make the sign?

  16. What a great story about how your OLW found you! Happiness rings throughout your slice. Sounds like you found the right word. Happy new year, Michelle!

  17. A great OLW for the year! Hoping for much happiness in this new year for you & your family!


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