Tuesday, January 12, 2016

{just try} #sol16

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To write or not to write?  
That is the question.  
Well, as you can see. 
I'm writing.  
I have to.  
It's in my blood 
and nature to write 
a little slice of life 
every Tuesday.

But what to write?  
That's another question.  
I have stories.  
I know I have moments 
to capture into words 
that are just waiting to be told.

But when to write? 
That's an important question.  
I feel at times 
my life is full 
to the max.  
I'm spinning 
all the plates 
trying to keep 
everything and 
everyone going.

But what if I don't write? 
That is the guilty question.  
I feel it.  I miss it.  
I miss connecting 
and being a part of 
this amazing community of writers.

But what if I just try?  
Now THAT is the answer.



  1. So glad you wrote - and this is true advice. I do miss some Tuesdays -- and I always hate it ... I miss it when I don't do it. ... And I can feel March around the corner... so I better amp it up! :-)

  2. I like how you wrote this...with the questions in bold print! Great answers!

  3. Yes, just trying it is the answer! Keep writing!

  4. Spinning plates - that's truly what life can feel like. May you keep the home and happy plates spinning the fastest!

  5. So many things to do, so many people to keep going, so little time to do it all in. You have expressed your life very aptly. Take time to write, time to breathe, time to be HAPPY! Love ya, Mom

  6. Just try! Good advice for all of us. Love how you captured your busy life in these few lines. I love your answer to this question: It's something I want to share with the slicers that I wrote with this past week.
    "But what to write? ...
    I have stories.
    I know I have moments
    to capture into words
    that are just waiting to be told."

  7. I had just the same kind of Tuesday. I am with you in asking the questions and just trying, even if it is only few lines. Hugs.


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