Tuesday, September 22, 2015

{some days} #sol15

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Some days ...
... are long and tiring
and I can't wait to fall 
into bed at the end of the day.

Some days ...
... are busy and quick
and I'm hoping to find
an extra hour in the day.

Some days ...
... are full and exciting
and my brain is ready
to explode.

Some days ...
... are just a day
to cross off the
quickly changing calendar.

Most days ...
 ... I need to remind myself
to stop the hurry. Wait. Breathe.
Enjoy this moment. Now.

Because somedays will be 
most days and they will
all become one day --

And I want to 
remember ...
All the days.



  1. I can definitely relate. Sometimes I'm so focused on getting to some event in the future that I forget to slow down and focus on today.

  2. Yes! That last stanza says it all. Good days and bad days...we need to hold on to them all.

  3. Yes! That last stanza says it all. Good days and bad days...we need to hold on to them all.

  4. Exactly! I love the fifth stanza. I think we all need to remember to slow down, especially at this point in the school year. Thank you!

  5. I can only imagine how crazy full your life is my friend! I only hope you remember to stop and enjoy the moment more often than not ;-) hugs

  6. "Stop the hurry. Wait. Breathe. Enjoy the moment" - such powerful words. I will be remembering them beginning... now :)
    Thanks for your wisdom.

  7. It is sometimes a rush, rush, rush, but it's nice to hear that you relish all the days. Good words!

  8. Love those last 8 words! "And I want to remember all the days." This poem was a perfect vehicle to share your feelings about somedays, most days, and all the days. Thanks, Michelle!

  9. Every day brings new joys and challenges, you've put it all together in this great poem. Someday you will look back and say where did the days go?

  10. Yes, each day needs to be savored and enjoyed - be they good, bad or mediocre. Breathe and enjoy each moment. Easy to say, difficult to always do when you're a full time teacher, Mom and wife. Hugs, Mom

  11. To take a moment and breathe is a challenge on some days. It doesn't happen unless we choose to make/take the time. I am glad you paused, breathed and wrote a poem today.


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