Tuesday, September 8, 2015

(a BIG help} #sol15

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Many things have changed as we opened this new chapter in our lives.  Beginning kindergarten is a BIG step, and my two daughters have made this transition with ease. (Me? That's another chapter in this story!)

One BIG difference this year is lunch. We must provide lunch on a daily basis. In years past, lunch was provided by our day care provider during the school year. But this year, we have doubled our lunch making from two to four lunches every day.

I prepared myself for the BIG feat. I purchased the best little lunch bags to provide a healthy lunch with room for lots of variety and options. (I learned about this from a first grade friend from my school after having lunch with her last year!) I printed and laminated little lunch notes with sweet little messages. I scoured Pinterest for lunch ideas and suggestions.

I was ready to go.

Until day one ... when I found my husband up early making all of our lunches. (Yes, without me asking!) And this has happened every day of school.  Four lunches, including four varieties of sandwiches.* So sandwiches take some extra time (and careful planning) to make.

Sure, I've shared my thoughts of what to sneak into the lunch or changed out the lunch notes or added a napkin.  But Daddy has taken over this BIG duty ...

And I cannot thank him enough. It's one BIG job that is time consuming and necessary every day. It's such a blessing to know that he makes all of our lunches with love.  (And I've even received a few lunch notes too!)


*One morning my husband posted on FB: How do you PB&J? I've got one PB and grape jelly, one PB and blackberry jelly, one PB and honey, and one half-and-half of PB and grape jelly and half PB and honey. :)


  1. Sounds like one sweet daddy lives at your house! What a special blessing!

  2. What a guy! So glad the girls are loving kindergarten! And by the way . . . I forgot it was Tuesday last week . . . and it wasn't even a holiday...see what retirement does to me!? xoxo

  3. What a blessing to have such a sandwich maker in your household! And you've even gotten a lunch note. I used to stick them on the inside of the cupboard and use some of them over and over. So glad your girls are loving kindergarten.

  4. What a big help this is in the mornings which can be hectic without making lunches! Kudo's to Jon!

    Hug & love, Mom

  5. Lunches are my job at home. I am always grateful whenever my husband pitches-in with this!

  6. So glad you have this help. My husband makes my lunches, too! But can we ask him to skip a day now and then so we can go out for lunch???

  7. What a lovely surprise and wonderful support during busy mornings. Good luck with all of the transitions.

  8. What a lovely surprise and wonderful support during busy mornings. Good luck with all of the transitions.


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