Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{sols} seeds of writing

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Seeds of writing possibilities await
as I cannot settle on a story to share.

Attending the Garth Brooks opening night concert in Chicago
The September storm that whipped through the northwest suburbs
Trees ripped, branches rested on power lines, leaves scattered
Twenty hours of power loss and the gain of imagination play
A lantern lit peanut butter and honey sandwich dinner
A cold and cough means up in the middle of the night
Holding, caring, loving with all the patience required
Rushing and late, trying to get out the door in a hurry
Yelling and then feeling the guilt because she doesn't feel well
Frightened to learn about this new virus
Wondering if she has this one and praying for her health
Too tired after five days of a busy life to cultivate an idea 

Each possibility a story to share, 
but today they sit and wait as seeds of writing.


  1. Wow! Michelle, what things have been going on in your life. This poem sets up so much for us to take in. So small, but containing such powerful pieces inside. Just like the SEED. Beautiful.

  2. I like how you scattered the letters throughout the poem to show seeds. Some of the seeds will sprout when they are ready. Wishing health and rest to you and your family.

  3. Your title pulled me in, and your poem resonated with me! Such a poignant compilation of reflections!

  4. Oh Michelle too tired!? I can't imagine how you can write any better! I hope the girls are okay now though . . . a new virus?!? Miss you and all your daily inspiration!

  5. This announcement of the new virus is scary. We have more than the usual students out. It sounds as if your week was very full. Thank you for posting/writing anyway, and a creative response too. Best wishes, Michelle!

  6. So many stories in life. You've shown that with your poem. Very cool to see Garth Brooks!

  7. Lots and lots of seeds waiting to be grown! Hoping your little one is on the road to recovery!

  8. This is a great poem and has so many reflections and details. Such a busy life with the girls, teaching, taking care of the house and dealing with those unexpected happening. Praying that both M & P will get & stay healthy (and you too). Hugs to all. Love ya bunches, Mom (I thought I left this yesterday, but apparently didn't complete it.)

  9. A Seed Poem! sounds like you have your hands full. Hope your daughter is okay.Take care

  10. I love how you wrote about these times in your life.


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