Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{sols} a good busy

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9:44 pm
I know my mom and dad are waiting to read this.

You see, we touch base quite often.  (But probably not as often as my mom hopes.)  Email, phone calls, texts, and yes, slices.

Tick tock.  Tick tock.  As this Tuesday moves ahead, they are probably wondering why I haven't written yet.

9:46 pm
I am, Mom and Dad.  I'm here.  I'm finally writing.  Life is just extra busy this time of year.  When school begins again, so does every other activity, sport, and extracurricular.

There was a trip this weekend to the apple orchard.  Two words:  Honey. Crisp. Yum.  But did you also know that a trip to the apple orchard cost just under $75 for a family of four.  I continued to tell myself it was for the experience ... and memories.  I can't put a price on that.

And there was a trip to the doctor too.  M.'s cold eventually turned into an ear infection.  Two nights of complaining and I made an appointment.  Thankfully she hasn't acted sick, except for Friday night when her and her sister had a sleep over with Uncle Scott and Aunt Jen and she said, "This is a bad sleepover."  That's not usually like her.  Bad attitude explained.

And then it's treat day tomorrow at school.  Once a month we celebrate the birthdays for that month.  This year we've added a theme to each celebration.  "All about Apples" is our theme!  Perfect timing!  I went a little crazy with the Pinterest recipes.  I've even been baking and mixing and making some yummy apple creations.

And then there was tiny tikes gymnastics tonight.  Watching my four year old girls gracefully control their bodies can be quite amusing.  A little laughter is good for the soul, but probably not at the expense of my girls!  But they are too cute stretching and jumping and swinging and balancing.

9:59 pm
So, Mom and Dad, sorry I missed our talk this weekend.  Sorry I haven't responded to your texts.  But I hope this slice brings you some ease that life is good, just always, always busy.  {Hugs to you and Dad!}


  1. This is the good kind of busy indeed. You made me chuckle at: " I went a little crazy with the Pinterest recipes." You are an Apple Queen!

  2. Funny. My mom waits for my Slice too. Even when we touch base via Skype or iMessage she appreciates the peeks a Slice gives her into my life. Ah, moms. :)

  3. Yes, we were waiting and wondering. Dad asked me"did Michelle slice?" as I checked once more at 9:00 and I said "not yet". So this morning was a relief to read a slice of your busy, busy life. Thanks for the update. I'm sure the apples are wonderful, especially will new recipes. Was wondering why M wouldn't sit still to talk to us on Skype - now we know. Just know that we're always praying that all goes well. Hugs to all. Love ya, Mom & Dad

  4. Funny I was waiting as well Michelle...but I know all too well how life is once school starts! Life is full but sounds good...miss you :-)

  5. I love how your wrote this slice!
    Slices/blogs are a wonderful way to connect with our families.


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