Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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I always thought of May as a happy month.  I'm beginning to think otherwise.  May is always crazy, busy and I'm barely able to keep up with home and school . . . including writing a little slice of life story on Tuesdays.

Two weeks ago, I squeezed in a slice just before midnight.  I wrote to stay connected, to not worry anyone for not writing.  One comment that solidify why I write weekly:  I was wondering where you were.

And then last week, a slice just never happened.  Too tired.  Too busy.  Too much happening and not enough time.  Too many jumbled stories to share, just not enough brain energy to sort and share.

By Wednesday morning, a text from my mom praying all was well.  Another text from my sister-in-law, who reads my little blog, noticed that I didn't write and hoped all was ok and offered to help out with anything.  Then that afternoon my phone lit up with a direct message on Twitter from around the world:  Missing your words.  Everything OK?

It's quite amazing that a little blog can keep us connected.  We share our stories and our lives.  We care for each other in ways that seem unimaginable.

And that's why I write.  Even when I'm too tired.  Even when I'm too busy.  Even when too much is happening and there isn't enough time.  Even when there are too many stories, but not enough brain energy.

I wrote tonight to stay connected and thank you for reaching out when you were missing my voice.


  1. Glad to hear your voice tonight. Hang in there-- we are almost there!

  2. Like Carol wrote, hang in there. I'm supposed to be part-time & I had three things after school today! Looking forward to hearing all the fun things you'll do with the girls "after" school is done!

  3. I know exactly what you mean - I am there, too! May just zooms by, doesn't it?!

  4. When you have blog friends, you have to write. It's like having an exercise buddy who keeps you moving. It lets you know your voice matters. Hang on, Michelle, you are almost there.

  5. Hug. And thank you for writing.

  6. Each day a challenge, each day an adventure, each day too many things happenings. Each day you know that you are loved and prayed for. May is almost over and not many more days of school. Then a vacation - time to relax, enjoy and just be. Love ya, Mom

  7. Michelle, you are so right. The twitter messages about where I am, I treasure them. This is truly a community that cares. Thank you for giving your voice to the slicing community!


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