Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{sols} today

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todayanother busy-overwhelming-never-enough-time-kind of day
want to be: reading, just reading
blessings: for doctors and my girls' health
thinking: i'm not going to post this before midnight 
planning: minute-to-minute  
writing: because i just need to and need to stay connected 
loving: that my hubby took my other sick daughter to the doctor today and cleaned the house 
grateful: for my family and that my mom is texting now

and today {again}: i need to remind myself to breathe.  just breathe.


  1. This is a nice rubric for an SOL, I'll have to remember it when I'm running late with my posts. Love the part about the hubby, they are grand aren't they!

  2. I agree. This could have just as easily been: worrying, grumbling, sick and tired of... I can tell you're a glass is half full kind of girl even in the face of two sick kids.

  3. Hugs to y'all. It is so difficult when the girls get sick. Hoping they will be healthy soon. Glad hubby could take off and help out. Love ya, Mom

  4. I was wondering where you were. So sorry you've got sick kids, again. I hope everyone is well soon and the pace of life will slow down for you.

  5. So much to juggle...and you do it with such grace and acceptance of a basic truth- you are blessed. Yes, just breathe...


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