Tuesday, May 6, 2014

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I missed celebrating last week right here.  Even though all I did was celebrate.  I just had no time or energy to share, so I'm thankful for Tuesdays!  A combination Slice of Life~Celebration!

On May 1st, my two beautiful and so-smart daughters celebrated their fourth birthday.  Four years ago I was blessed beyond belief and became a mother to my daughters.  I never imagined life with twin girls, but now I could never imagine my life without them.  They truly amaze me every day.

In the morning last Thursday, the girls woke up to special decorations, cards and a little gift.  Treats were delivered to school to celebrate with friends.  That night, we enjoyed a delicious dinner, singing loudly, blowing out candles, yummy chocolate cake, and opening presents with Grandma and Grandpa and also Nana and Papa.  Quite a festive birthday celebration.

Then last Saturday was the "birthday party day."  We prepared for yet another celebration with family and close friends.  The day was the most beautiful day of the week.  Sunshine, blue skies, and a touch of warmth.  The balloons were hung.  The snacks were ready for nibbling.  And the bouncy house was full of kids.  More singing, making wishes, birthday cake and ice cream.  It was a day full of fun and when night fell, we all crashed hard.  It was exhausting celebrating four!

{my girls}
Every year I think about writing a letter to each of my girls on their birthday.  Telling them about who they are and what they love right now.  Reminding them of the silly things they do and the enormously smart things they say.

And I promise to write those notes this week from my heart.  But that will be shared just between me and them.

{watch this}
Please take the next four minutes to watch this video that was shared with me by my friend Lynn. Amazing and eye opening! (And you'll want to call your Mom after!)

I'm here to {celebrate} with Ruth Ayres and YOU!
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  1. Two great minds . . . And yes write those letters . . . that memory will be priceless!

  2. What a wonderful celebration week celebrating your two girls - nice tradition of writing letters for them that day, too.

  3. Celebrations all around. So much fun, two special granddaughters who enjoyed every minute of their celebrations. Yes, write those letters. They will mean so much to them when they are older. Couldn't see the video - might be my computer. Love ya bunches, Mom

  4. Aw, Michelle, you made me teary. I've been so happy to see parts of your girls growing up. Happy birthday to them, best wishes to you, MOM, for Mother's Day, and thank you for the video-as they said, awesome!

  5. Writing a letter to your girls around their birthdays is such a sweet idea! That will be such a precious gift to them one day. You are so thoughtful! Glad to hear that you had a weekend full of wonderful celebrations. :)

  6. Congratulations to all of you!

  7. Happy 4th birthday to your sweet little girls. I love the idea of writing those letters...maybe 17 and 21 isn't too late to start!

  8. I'm still in awe that the girls are 4! Your celebrations (bounce house, lots of treats, and the idea for letters) make me smile.

  9. In the few days before my daughter's birthday, each year, I try to sum up everything of the year to her in a letter. It is so very hard!

    Happy birthday to your girls. Four. Wow! That was quick!

  10. What a wonderful time of the year for your family!


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