Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sols: thoughts today

Slice of Life Stories hosted

Today, another slice of life day,
thoughts are floating in my head:

Girls. Growing. 2 1/2. Too fast.
Mom. Visit.  Helping hands. Extra love.
Overnight. Getaway. Renewed. Fresh.
Time. Up. Leaving. Today.

School. To do. Never. Ending.
Thinking about. Interventions. Choice.
Reading love. For haters.
Balance. Deep breath. One day. At a time.

Life. Quickly. Into perspective.
Sandy. Storm. Water. Terrifying.
Outages. Flooding. Wild winds. Damage.
Prayers. Thoughts. Safety. Calm.

Today, as Sandy hovers and wreaks havoc,
thoughts are swimming in my head.


  1. You described what's going on in our heads perfectly...like a blur, yet so intense it ca be so over whelming! Two words..."deep breath"....

  2. It sounds like your life is such a swirl, Michelle, with the girls and work and even the storm. I'm glad you're having a "Mom visit" and had a getaway. Hope that settled your mind a bit. Best to you.

  3. So many thoughts and concerns, so much to do and never enough time and it goes so quickly. A deep breath and time to reflect - that's what these slices are all about. I had such a great visit and will look forward to the next. Prayers go to all who are going thru the storms in their lives. Love ya M

  4. I always enjoy your posts. Makes me think I might even venture into some poetry writing myself. Thanks for sharing!

  5. The way you wrote it made the words go really fast. Your poetry toolbox is as big as the bag Mary Poppins had.
    I like how you switch to put things into perspective. Cheers for the calm (both in nature and our heads)!

  6. Michelle, The way you cobble words together so perfectly captures the crazy busy-ness of the life of a mom/teacher. Enjoy. It will go way too fast!

  7. Something about the flow of the last two lines really felt nice as i read it (maybe it was the contrast with the one/two word phrases above) but it just felt like it rolled off the tongue right.

  8. The "parts" of you poem reflect the many different hats and feelings that engulf you (an many of us) at any moment. It made me think about how we are all lots of every changing moments woven into reflective people.


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