Tuesday, October 23, 2012

sols: just a day

Slice of Life Stories hosted

just a day

ever have that feeling
when you just
want a break --
from everything?

a mental health
i'm tired,
just oh-so-tired.

between home
and school
between little ones
and bigger ones

oh, and cleaning and
groceries and
laundry and
-- and -- and --

but to think of a day
to wake up
with no to-dos
and no place to go

nothing but me-time.
to breath and smile --
and miss everything
about my crazy, busy life.


  1. Ahhhh. Deep breathe. Close your eyes for a minute. Relax. Smile. Okay, now on to your busy schedule. Hopefully this weekend you'll get a few moments to yourself. I like your last line - because you really would miss it all.

  2. Well, yes, I want those days often, & maybe someday? It is something to think about, but then again, I'm not sure I would trade my life for a less busy one-what a dilemma. Maybe just an hour would do? Love that you got the essence down so well, Michelle.

  3. I read your first lines and thought you were speaking about me.
    Balance would be welcome. Too much of busy and tired could break a person. I can hear what you are saying. I don't know what would I do or who would I be if I wasn't a teacher or didn't have my family.

  4. You have a rich life that is overflowing some days. You have to find that space where there is a little me-time. Keep looking, it will be there.

  5. Years ago, before I married my husband, I recall watching the Travel Channel. There was a special on that featured a woman who checked into a hotel in Manhattan once a year to get a good night's rest (and to free herself from all obligations). I believe this was the place: http://www.thebenjamin.com/PillowMenu.aspx. Perhaps a solo weekend trip to NYC is in order for you!

  6. I love Stacey's idea! Every woman needs some alone time. Try to carve out time in your week. For me, it's every Sunday night from 7 to 8 oclock. It's my hot bath and a good book time. I have scheduled this time for myself since my sons were little ones like yours. I figured even my husband could handle two little boys for an hour. And he did. I'd lock the bathroom door and soak away. To this day, that time is mine. I don't take phone calls. I don't let anyone in. No one talks through the door. Nothing interrupts me. It refreshes me and gets me ready for my week.

    I don't know what you can schedule for yourself, but I bet there is something. An added benefit is the time your husband gets to spend with the girls without mom around to spoil the fun!

  7. WOW, I love the ideas shared for making "personal time" happen in the real world of working moms. I can't say I did a "bang up job" of giving myself personal time, but I used to get up EARLY on Sunday morning in theory to go to the basement to iron; however, the reality was that the ironing was NEVER caught up and I would use the time to read, go for a walk and think. I figured I needed THAT more than I needed the 6-7 AM sleeping on Sunday morning.
    Now that my house is quieter, there are new stressors (aging parents) that have replaced the working mom stressors and so I still get up early on Sundays most days to read, write, or reflect.
    The reality of waiting to get away for even a night away once a year is not really enough for me, so a weekly shot of "me time" reading blogs, writing posts, thinking about my life and trying to make sense from the business seems to work.
    I used to tell my children that sometimes we all need some "veg" time on the couch with junk TV or a trashy novel. Finding time to do that as a mom is hard if not impossible so any place you can "escape" to, even if it is the dark confines of your basement, might help a bit!

  8. Those two last lines are just perfect. They are the most telling in all of this. They are the reason you are oh-so-tired...because it all matters to you. There is nothing wrong with reminding yourself that you matter too, though!

  9. Sometimes in the summer when school is out I have the feeling that I miss everything about my crazy, busy life. That is why I take grad classes so I can avoid those thoughts.

  10. Sometimes in the summer when school is out I have the feeling that I miss everything about my crazy, busy life. That is why I take grad classes so I can avoid those thoughts.

  11. Nope no way never wish or want that in a million years...because about the time you do... they leave for college. Such a great poem. You are blessed and a blessing:)
    First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

  12. This is me! Yes, yes, yes- you described it perfectly-! This is exactly what happens, although, the days of me time rarely exist these days!

  13. You can say so much with a few words. A nice slice of quiet.
    Hoping you find time to rest this weekend.

  14. I always love your poetry. You capture life so well. I especially loved the twist of the last two lines, knowing that it is so true.

  15. So glad I'm still making the Slice rounds and found this poem! My whole family is like this. We go, go, go... and then we need a day to just collapse or we turn into raving lunatics. It's not a pretty sight :)


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