Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SOLS: Learning and Sharing

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There is so much information out there in cyberspace.
I know I can't keep up, but I read and watch what I can when I can.
This last week, I shared many items of interest -- to me -- with my colleagues.

Who knows what they think when I share . . .
If something caused me to ponder and reflect,
then I want to share it with others.

Anyone can take it or leave it:
It's about planting a seed allowing us to stop and think.
And I'm thankful for those who can just say it better than I can.

I have a passion for learning and sharing --
Making me a better


  1. Michelle,
    What a wonderful idea to share posts that inspire you. I am sure that your passion is inspiring!

  2. I love that video, but it scares me too. There is so much that I don't know in the electronic world. Life changes quickly. Thanks for sharing these links.

  3. I think sometimes on-line communities are like the jigsaw strategy. We each share with each other and take back new information to our own groups.

    I think this helps each of us to keep learning. It also helps us to share what inspires us. I am glad you are part of the on-line community.

  4. That is great to hear that you shared such inspiring things with your colleagues. I'm glad you shared it with us as well! The promise poem was something I needed to hear today! I hope your week is going well.
    jee young

  5. It's wonderful to share what inspires you with others. I try to do that whenever I post something on Facebook (or when I tweet something that piques my interest on Twitter -- which isn't as often). I never know what people think unless I see a comment. Comments are so much better than "likes" aren't they? They're much more telling.

    Continue sharing and others will continue to be inspired by you.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Sharing this post now!!

  7. I didn't know some of these, so carry on Michelle with the sharing. It is so like the Jigsaw teaching that Ruth shared (above). In a community, pooling our knowledge, is powerful stuff. Thanks much!

  8. Wow, great poem! I liked your uncertainty about sharing with your colleagues -- not sure what they would get out of it, but then feeling glad for planting the seed nonetheless. That's how I feel when I blog -- not sure if anyone will care about my ideas, but hoping I plant a seed with someone! Also, I had never read the 12 things or the promise poem, and they were both amazing! Thanks for sharing! (I'm going to print them out and put them by my desk!)

  9. You know when someone's way of thinking just seems like your own thoughts--only better? That's how I feel when I read your posts. I am always nudged by what you share. Thanks once again!

  10. It is a great thing to inspire others. Showing that you are vulnerable and sharing, that is inspiring.

  11. Keep sharing because that's how you learn - by getting response back from your sharing. That's what my conference is all about this week - networking with other OP's who do the same job I do. It's interesting learning their insights into what we are doing.
    Thanks for sharing with me - always. Love ya bunches - can't wait to visit. M


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