Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SOLS: A Keeper

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Valentine's day morning

Me:  "Uh, happy Valentine's day."

Hubby: "Oh, yeah. Happy Valentine's day.  Hope you have a good day."

Me: "Thanks. You too."

No card. No gift. Nada, nothing, zilch.  I was the first to say it.  I reminded him about the day.  And I am the one who doesn't even like this so-called holiday!

Valentine's day . . . a few hours later

I received a sweet email at work.  And a phone call at lunch.  And a text on my way to pick up the girls asking if I wanted to order Chinese take-out that he would pick up on the way home.  It's the little things that matter.

Valentine's day evening

Hubby:  "I want to give the girls their Valentine's day gifts."

Scrounging in a bag, he finally pulled out two small white boxes.

Hubby:  "One for M. and one for P.! Go show Momma!"

Each girl received a Pandora charm to add to my bracelet. A pink one and a purple one.  One day the bracelet will belong to them.

Hubby:  "I didn't go to Sports Authority last night."

Me:  "Really?  You need to read my blog post that I wrote last night."  I said laughing in delight that I was surprised even though I really wasn't surprised.

The romantic gestures (almost) all day were all part of his master plan.  I'll continue to let him enjoy his day to be romantic.  He's a keeper, that's for sure!


  1. He is a keeper! You are so right, it is the little things that make the biggest difference. Lucky you!

  2. Lovely. I loved this little glimpse into your world...

  3. I think he showed you much in all those little ways. It sounds like a 'sweet' Valentine's Day for everyone.

  4. May-be you do like Valentine's Day a little bit? Just because you have your Valentine.

  5. Such a cute story! Sometimes Chinese takeout is better than the most elegant dinner. How wonderful that you have someone so sweet!

  6. He definitely does sound like a good guy to make such a really special all-day long Valentine's Day! Did you let him read this?

  7. This slice made me smile! Being surprised by the thoughtfulness is half the fun! Those charms for your daughters were too sweet!

  8. So sweet!!! The charms for your girls to add to your bracelet!!! I love that idea. But I won't get used to it - my boys would have to hang giant Nerf darts, Ninjago Legos and Star Wars light sabers to my wrist. Not very romantic. Yes, he's a keeper. :) I loved how you set this post up as a conversation. :) (I found it on my first link to SOL at Two W. Teachers.)

  9. Awww so sweet. Yep a keeper that's for sure!

  10. Its always fun when people find their keepers. Here's to years and years of memories and your keeper.

  11. Gotta love how those husbands can surprise you! I'm so glad that it turned out to be a special day.


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