Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SOLS: Another New Year

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It's that time of year again.  But, how can it be?  Where do the days weeks months go?
Almost the middle of December with 2012 hiding around the corner.  It's . . .

Another new year . . .

A new year of hopes and dreams.
     A new year of making a difference.
          A new year of breathing in the joy of life.

A new year of putting myself first.
     A new year of committing to exercise.
          A new year of eating right.

A new year of learning more.
     A new year of writing more.

          A new year of reading more.

A new year of treasuring time.
     A new year of time with my husband.
          A new year of time with my daughters.
A fresh start.
     A clean slate.
          A new beginning.

It's another new year . . .

What are your new year hopes and dreams?


  1. Oh, girl. You ask such difficult questions. Hopes and dreams. I need to slow down a bit to make room for dreaming.
    I like your "breathing in the joy of life"

  2. What? Another new year is here? It can't be that time of the year, can it? :)

    I've been mulling over my One Little Word for 2012, but I'm still waiting...I know it'll be here when I need it.


  3. Nice--there's something special about a new year and wiping the slate clean. As a high school teacher, I also get new classes full of new kids, so that makes it even better! Hard to believe it's almost here though. Where does the time go?

  4. I can't believe how the time has flown, and as you said, time for 'another, and another...'. I like all the parts, Michelle, and that you have on that list about yourself too! It's important. I always get so very excited for the new year, starting anew, tabula rasa here we go! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. A new year makes me think things will be different, but somehow I always seem to slip back into the old ways(maybe not the best of habits). I must be determined to change those habits. Eat better, walk more. That's what I need to do.

  6. Oh, it HAS to be exercise! Otherwise, if the coming year can be as wonderful as the year that now slips though our fingers has been... bring it! Love your cadence as we march toward a new beginning.

  7. Your post got me excited for all the "new" things around the corner.

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm not ready to think about the new year. I love your new year thoughts...they ring true with me as well. So many possibilities are right around the corner.

  9. Your poem makes me want to make a list of things to think about for the new year. I'm ready for a clean slate, too. :)

  10. My dreams haven't changed much over the years - I just want peace, joy and happiness for my family and friends - good health. Spending more time with my granddaughters (and kids too!). Enjoying each day as it comes (and they all pass way too quickly). I love your new beginning and clean slate. We all need to start fresh. Love ya M

  11. I can't believe 2011 is already over, it went by so quickly. I really like your poem! I'm hoping to learn new things as different transitions take place in my life! :)


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