Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Chapters: Part 1 - At School

Thanks for your idea Diana at One Literacy Coach!

Here's a list of ideas to help me prepare for the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge starting March 1st.  Won't you join us?

Chapters of My Life - Part 1: At School!

1.  Synthesize
2.  Can I ask you a question?
3.  Celebrations
4.  Day 6
5.  Hugs
6.  DCFS  Her Story
7.  Acronym Crazy

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  1. Michelle, thanks for the link! :) Hmmmm, you already have me wondering about your chapters. I noticed you have Part 1: School. Are you thinking about adding additional parts, each with their own chapters or stories? If so, I think that is a great idea.


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