Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First Slice!

Here I am!  I did it!  I finally sat down this weekend during M's and P's (my adorable nine month old twin daughters) nap and I created a blog.  My biggest hold up was a name.  Everything is in a name!  I am a reading specialist and my focus (and love!) is reading and writing, but coming up with a name was stressing me out!

After checking the availability of various names, "Literacy Zone" just popped into my head.  I typed it in. Holding my breath, I clicked.  It was available!  Whew...I'm done.  I did it!  Well, not so fast.

Of course, I (a self-admitted type-A over-achiever) couldn't make things simple.  I had to start collecting and adding and changing.  Then more changing, adding, and collecting.  I was seriously addicted to my laptop this weekend.  Remember when you first logged on to Facebook?  (Well, I'm not actually on Facebook, but my husband is a member.  When he first started using it, he was searching and checking and reading all the time...for hours!)  Well, that's how I feel about blogging.  I'm constantly checking for new posts, reviewing old posts, searching out what I love about certain blogs...and finally, here I am!

I'm ready to dive into this cyber world and come out dripping with new knowledge, ideas, and strategies to take back to my classroom.   A BIG thank you goes out to Ruth at the Two Writing Teachers blog and all your friends. You gave me that final push that I needed to just go for it.  Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, er -- I mean, blogs and comments!  I have arrived!


  1. Hooray--your first post! Congrats on the not only the post, but on getting 2 babies to nap at the same time. :)
    Also loved hearing about the agony of choosing an available blog name. I had the same struggle!

  2. Your blog looks wonderful! Welcome aboard - you are off to a great start!

  3. Good for you! Your blog looks great! Can't wait to read more posts.

  4. Fantastic! It looks like your hard work paid off. Welcome, welcome. I look forward to your posts.

  5. Michelle,

    I can definitely connect with the angst you describe, but the blogging experience has enriched my personal and professional life immensely. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to reading your blog. ~Theresa

  6. I'm glad you started a blog - I have become such a fan of this medium. I hope you find it to be the same fantastic source of inspiration that I have!

  7. Welcome and enjoy the journey.


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