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I've always enjoyed my extra daily walks ever since adopting our Harley dog two years ago. Quiet, alone time to think and pray walks. Or listen to a podcast, a book, or music kind-of-walks.

But THEN it was always a chore to check off the to-do list. Quick. Let's go. C'mon. I've got to get back and ... {fill in the blank with any number of chores.}

But TODAY the three-times-a-day walks happen as a family. Our walks together provide us with opportunities to talk, notice, wonder, surprise, question, wait-and-watch in awe, share memories, make memories, and take more pictures. Each walk brings something new --

A group of little yellow birds
A family of ducks with five newly hatched ducklings
All the trees sprouting buds and flowers and little green leaves
A big white bird diving into the pond for a fishy snack
A bunch of spring flowers blossoming
The sun and clouds or bright clear blue sky, depending on the day

Walks get us outside, away from the screens, out of our chairs. It's a new favorite part of my day with my three favorite humans and dog. Together.


  1. Lovely. We take walks together too, and I've noticed the lingering, too. I love walking with people I love. Now I'll think about you, doing the same.

  2. There is something more appealing when you "get to" rather than "have to." This will be a special time to hold in your memory when life picks up the pace and the word hurry is used more often.

  3. It is a pleasure now to be out, to be away from the 'to-do' lists, having fun as a family.

  4. I have been walking with my adult-daughter-who-still-lives-at-home. I think I have been noticing more as well and am thankful for this slow-down time.

  5. Wonderful walks with three favorite humans and dog. Relaxing. So much to notice. Spring light and colors of course help too

  6. So glad that you can enjoy those walks with the most important people (including Harley) in your life. The solo, silent walks are great too, because they give you time to reflect and just enjoy all God has given us.

  7. I love your list of small spring blessings blessed by your family enjoying it together. Thank you for sharing.

  8. "But TODAY the three-times-a-day walks happen as a family." This makes me smile and think of all the noticing that happens now in collaboration!

  9. We're getting in lots of extra walks too and Chloe loves it! Now, even my husband joins us in a walk. And finally, our weather is warming up and getting nicer.

  10. I read this and instantly felt the calm of your pace. I am afraid even now I have been having too many of the "I've got to back and..." walks, even though there is some savoring along the way. Your post is a reminder to make room for walks--three times a day!!


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