Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{stealing time} #sol16

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The month of October is busy as it is.  School is in full swing. After school activities. Homework and projects. Multiple birthday parties.  A week of Halloween activities and fun. Every day planned.

Then throw in the Chicago Cubs and playoff baseball.

Stealing time.

I learned the game with my Dad.  I sat with him watching the Cubs win some and lose most. I grew up playing softball. I know the game and some of the obscure rules. But this game takes patience.

Stealing time.

We are more of a fast-paced-Chicago-Blackhawks-hockey-loving family.  Baseball is, well, just not the same. Unless we are watching playoffs.  More exciting than the long 100-plus game season.

Stealing time.

And we haven't missed a game.  I dug out my Cubbie Blue shirts from the back of my closet. We are the October fans of baseball. The excitement. The hits. The home runs and Grand Slam. The amazing play after play after play.

The gift of winning. But, oh, is it stealing time.  And many, many late nights.

Tonight I watch and dream about stealing time with ... One. More. Game.

Let's go, Cubbies! Bring Chicago a World Series Win! #FlytheW
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  1. I know a thing or two about stealing time. It's the only way I survive life as a single mom. I love how you broke it down into chunks like we are right there with you helping you steal some more.

  2. Baseball in November isn't something that any Seattle fan has experienced, but we hope to - one day! Isn't it amazing how you can find time for 3-4 hours of baseball for 200 days of the year?! Imagine what all you can do when you all of a sudden have that gift of extra time back? (Though I am sure you don't want it back too soon.)

  3. Go Cubs Go. Even I (not an avid fan) have been watching and caught up in all the hoopla. Grandpa was a great Cubs fan and never gave up on them. But these long games are really getting to me. One more game! The big one! Bring it home!

  4. I have not seen a single game but I have read the news and understand the games were worth watching - whether you made, took or stole time - it must have been great to see the Cubs win the World Series.


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