Tuesday, September 13, 2016

{gratitude} #sol16

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Today I am so thankful for my daughters' teachers.

Every day my girls come home with stories and stories to share.

Stories about school and friends and special teachers.

"You know, Mom.  My teacher said when you think you've finished, you've only just begun. Turn the page and write more."

"Mom, I got to read with my teacher today! I read a story in the morning and then another in the afternoon."

"My teacher is reading a really good book to us."

I smile and share in their excitement!

So today, I decided I needed to share that joy with their teachers.

I took the time tonight to write a personal note to each teacher letting them know how thankful we are for their time and efforts to create a classroom where our girls feel comfortable to grow and learn.

A little note of gratitude is encouraging ... and touches the heart.


  1. Wonderful. I am reminded now that I should follow your example and send some gratitude out. We always like to hear it, but it is best to give it.

  2. Blessings to you for putting your thoughts into words. There's nothing like a handwritten note of gratitude to bolster a teacher's spirit!

  3. We have gotten so far away from the handwritten notes and letters and I believe this is one "old fashioned" thing that we need to revieve. Kudos to you for taking the time and opportunity to share your gratitude. Those teachers (and all teachers) will appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.


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