Tuesday, February 2, 2016

{what's balance today?} #sol16

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I struggle daily with it.  I wonder how those super-moms do it all.  I think about all that those super-teachers do.  And then those super-mom-teachers?  Yeah, I struggle with comparison and balancing life.

Some days I give more to my girls and family.  Some days I give more to my teaching and professional life.  Rarely do I give myself the time and devotion that I deserve.  I know this.  My Mom reminds me all the time to put myself first.  (Mom, keep reminding me in my daily voxer "thoughts of the day."  It never gets old and I need to hear it again and again.)



"Hey, hon?"

"Mrs. Nero?"

All day long I'm pulled in every which way and direction.  And I love it.  I love being needed.  I love being there for whatever the request may be  ... but I still struggle.  Balancing life.  Keeping life *happy.*  Smiling through it all.

I don't think there is a magic answer beyond determining priorities and those priorities change throughout life.  They change day-to-day and even minute-by-minute.  I know that over the last five years, I have needed to dedicate more time and energy to my girls and family.  But life moves fast.  In a blink, that pendulum will shift and I will focus more time on me and my professional learning and career.

For right now?  I gave myself 'me' time.  I wrote.  I opened up this laptop with my precious girls in bed, husband slightly snoring on the couch, and I wrote.  A step in the right direction of balancing me.

And all that I can do and promise myself is to do the best I can today.


  1. I had a feeling I would find you up ;-)! You are there and do so much for so many . . .keep listening to your mama though...because you can only be good for others if you are good to yourself! Goodnight my friend....xo

  2. That balance is so hard to keep, especially when your kids are still at home. It can sometimes feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to take care of everyone, as well as yourself. But you know the important thing: you can only do the best you can today. And always remember yourself -- because if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to care for anyone else. Your piece today shows you working through to that balance, and the piece is well balanced itself.

  3. Oh do I hear you. Never enough but really always more than enough. Your gift to everyone and when it is to yourself, it multiplies! Here's to you and balance

  4. That balance thing is hard, hard, hard. But if you don't take care of you, you can't take care of everyone else. And then take care of your family, because those girls will be grown in a blink of an eye!

  5. There are no super moms or super teachers. Everyone has their focus areas and areas that get less attention. And balance is an illusion. There are moments when everything seems to be just right and then life continues with multiple of things, planned and unplanned, happening. Your mom is right - take care of yourself first. For me enough sleep seems to be what allows the busy days to be calmer.

  6. You're right. There are times when family or home or school will take precedence. Our lives seem seasonal but sometimes the season we are in can overwhelm us. Love that your Mom is so supportive and encoraging. I am blessed with that kind of Mom (and a few supportive girl friends) too. Sounds like you are mindful of self care that will sustain and refresh you. Peace to you.

  7. Balance is hard when you have a family and a career. I think being a teacher is especially hard because it's very difficult to walk away when the day is over. There's always more to do, just like there is for our families. But, you are right - it goes by in the blink of an eye. I have two children and one is graduating college this spring and the other is on the college search journey. I feel like it was only yesterday that they were babies! Try to enjoy your time with them - it's precious. As for balance, I think it must be good enough for us to just do the best we can:)
    Are We There Yet?

  8. I remember those years so well. Now that it's just my husband and I, it's easier to find time for me. When the boys were home, I reserved an hour every Sunday night (6-7) for a hot bubble bath and a book. NOTHING interrupted that. I don't know what it was about that bath, but it kept me going. Maybe you can find an hour in your week to do something for you and put dad in charge :)

  9. If I recall, Balance was one of your OLW's in the past. It isn't always achievable, but as the others have reminded you (and that I remind you almost daily), put yourself first. Even if it's only a few minutes - just to breathe (another one of your OLW's) and be happy. As the girls get older and more involved, it will probably be more difficult to achieve, but a few moments can do wonders to just revitalize. Love ya, Mom

  10. The balance does shift as you go through new periods of life. There will come a time when you might wish for a bit of the hectic pace of your life now. Enjoy the time you have with the people you love. There will be no regrets.

  11. Balance - sometimes it's on one foot, other times it's with a spotter and mats all around you! When you tell yourself that you're doing your best, it will be your best day! Love to read what you're thinking!

  12. Oh how Jesus loves you.
    He holds you close to his heart.


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