Tuesday, January 20, 2015

{sols} ouch

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I looked at the clock realizing that I needed to leave. I grabbed a bag and stuffed two books inside.  Threw my purse and bag over my shoulder.  Picked up my full water in one hand and my keys in the other.  I closed and locked the door behind me.

I walked outside surprised to see the sunshine.  A one-eyed peek to the sky and a forced smile due to the squinting.  It was so good to see the bright sunshine. I closed both eyes for a moment and and a more natural smile appeared.

 I suddenly remembered the appointment. Then my foot slipped. My arms flailed in the air.  I felt as though I was moving in slow motion. Surprisingly, I didn't drop a thing as I landed hard on my knees.  I stared at the black driveway in front of my eyes.  Then I slowly stood up.

"Owww," I whispered out loud knowing I pulled some muscles that I didn't even know I had.

I quickly looked around.  No visible neighbors witnessed my not-so-graceful slip and fall.  I quickly sat in my car, looked in the rear view mirror, still wondering if anyone just happened to be peering out their window. 

I sent a text to my husband:  "Just slipped & fell on black ice on driveway. Ouch."

And he immediately texted me back: "Omg are you ok? Did you hit your head? Do you remember hitting your head?"

I laughed out loud at his extreme worst case scenario response knowing that I didn't hit my head.  I wanted to call my husband and tease him about not remembering him, but after he answered, I just started laughing again loving how much he worries about me.

"I'm okay.  Just some skinned knees. Ouch."

As I continued on with my day, my body reminded me of my fall.  And all I could do was laugh.  


  1. Once, when I was arriving home, I was so excited to see a parcel on the stoop that I hopped and skipped to it, then slipped off the stoop and sprained my ankle. I'm glad to hear you are OK. It's crazy how easily these things happen.

  2. Love the series of texts your husband sent - talk about loving concern!

  3. Ha! I laughed out loud that you entertained the thought of torturing your husband with a prank "I can't remember you" call! I'm glad you didn't, though. His concern is sweet. Glad you're okay! (and that no one saw!)

  4. I am thankful you were not seriously hurt. This becomes a sweet story with your husband's concern! Ouch, indeed.

  5. Glad you're okay... and that it wasn't your head! Black ice stinks! Almost had a spill on it myself last week.

  6. Ouch. I am glad you are ok. Emergency rooms in Estonia had to patch up many broken bones on an icy weekend. Best part of the story is the love and concern of your husband.

  7. So much for enjoying the lovely sunshine! Glad that it was a minor fall. If you had played that prank, he would have been home in a flash and you would be in the ER! Such loving concern. Love ya, Mom

  8. Sweet exchange with your husband!
    I like how you think!

  9. Glad you were laughing. I wiped out on Sunday and everything still hurts! Good to have a husband who cares and neighbors who are busy enough to not be watching!

  10. First of all, I am glad you are OK. Secondly, I am impressed you didn't drop anything! :) I guarantee I would not have been that graceful. I remember falling UP the steps on bus duty. I went flailing in front of everyone, so good thing the neighbors didn't see!

  11. Glad you're okay. I fell on a curb once a long time ago, skinned knees & ouch. That sneaky ice can be dangerous!

  12. Michelle,
    I'm glad you're ok. I could totally picture your setting...like you, I worry about what the neighbors see and think. Your loving concerned hubby's response is sweet...glad you are able to laugh about the black ice's little trick.

  13. I'm chuckling at Hubby's concern for a possible head injury (he LOVES you!) and I'm so excited that you didn't drop anything. I hope your knees aren't too hurt - ice is so unforgiving!


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