Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{sol} flashing lights

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It happened like that.  Not slowly.  Not gradually.  It just happened.  I was completely blindsided.

The blinking bright lights caught their eyes first.  They were immediately mesmerized.

As we were getting situated into the double cart, one of my four and a half year olds asked, "Momma, can we go over that way?"

Reindeer and snowmen.  Trees and icicles.  Flashing lights and decorations.  Yep, Christmas.  We were surrounded by Christmas.  In October.  Just like that.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas .... during the Christmas season!

And along with all the decor ... T.O.Y.S.  Every aisle thereafter was filled with different games, dolls, gadgets, and toys, followed by, "Ohhh!  Ahhh!  Look!  Look!"  and the never ending, "I want ... I want ... I want ..."

We don't buy toys just to buy toys (of course, there are always times of exceptions -- just not today), so we had conversations about needs and wants.  We talked about starting a Christmas list.  I even suggested taking a picture of the most special gifts they wanted.

I soon became the paparazzi.  Flash!  Snap!  Mommy, over here!  Look at this!  Flash!  Click!  More flashing lights.

We finally made it out of the store with our typical less than ten items for over a hundred dollars.  But no toys.

I'm not sure if I should be upset and avoid the stores until January with my girls, or if I should be thankful for the gift ideas.  Let me go check the photo list.


  1. So true! Seems to come earlier and earlier!


  2. Christmas in October?! Good grief! I think I'll start avoiding the stores with my kids. Love your idea of taking photos and also love the idea of wants vs needs!

  3. This is tooooo early. It is going to be a long wait. I like how you brought up the wants and needs talk. I hope the pics help you with the choices.

  4. They really do start prepping for the holidays earlier and earlier with every passing year. My feeling is let's get done with Halloween first, then we can think about Thanksgiving. Once the leftovers are in the oven, it's time for Christmas planning. But hey, what do I know? I'm Jewish. ;)

  5. Too early, and very hard on the young kids. I was just at Target, & nothing there yet, maybe this weekend? I like your needs & wants talk, too, Michelle. There's never a bad time for that.

  6. Oh my, we had this too Last Weekend as we were trekking through our warehouse store for shopping. Great idea to snap pictures. (There is research somewhere that says if you snap pictures, or put an item in an online shopping cart, that provides the satisfaction as if you've purchased it. I wonder where that is...) Anyway, thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Yes, way too early. When they opened the Hobby Lobby in July, there was aisle after aisle of Christmas stuff. I just couldn't look at it and totally ignored those aisles. Love the wants and needs talk - hopefully they will remember the talk - probably need to reinforce it weekly. At least I know I'll have a Christmas list to check out when that time comes. Love ya, Mom

  8. Ugh. This sort of thing ruins the holiday atmosphere - I am utterly sick of the season's trappings before the season has even begun. So sad.

  9. I have always said I know it is Halloween when the Christmas decorations come out. UGH! Way too early.

  10. Arg! Not in October! I just got done with summer and started school!

  11. It is too early! Sounds like you had a perfect fix for keeping your girls focused and positive.

  12. Taking pictures! What a great idea!


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