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sols: frozen

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With children
there are many firsts
that you experience together
and this weekend we had another first.

We arrived early
to the frozen oval to
lace up a new kind of boot:
A boot with a blade of steel.

The girls were excited,
but unsure of the possibilities.
were our hopes for this first try.

The excitement was building
and the hesitation was thick.
(Probably because Momma and Daddy
haven't glided in quite awhile!)

First one foot, then the other.
Whoa! (Arms up!) Slip, slide.
Catch yourself.  Balance.
(Don't breathe!)

Holding onto a little one's hand
so tightly to help stay
balanced and upright.
We gently began to move forward.

Off she goes!

One was brave and
couldn't wait to take another lap.
Falling down and quickly,
easily standing back up.

Skating with Daddy.

The other, not so sure.
Excited to try, and
step, step, step with each foot.
But ready for a rest and then more.

It was a first like no other.
Ice skating with three and
a half year olds was an
amazing moment to remember.

And now we are looking forward
to the next trip to the ice rink to skate
with no pressure of what
the future may hold.


  1. How beautifully you crafted a poem of an ordinary winter fun with lasting memories! I could feel the hesitation and the joy. Beautiful!

  2. What a fun experience! I can just see M moving ahead and just going -"Falling down and quickly, easily standing back up." And, P, ever the cautious one with her "Excited to try, and
    step, step, step with each foot." What a fun day - can't wait to hear how they do the 2nd time out. Just for fun - no pressure - new experiences to try out. Love ya, Mom

  3. What a fun day with all of you skating together. Soon the girls will be skating with ease, and they wont even remember learning, it will be so natural.

  4. Through your words, I learned a little bit about each of your girls' personalities. Isn't it funny how different our children are? Cherish these firsts (both the bigs ones and little ones). They are the joy of life.

  5. I remember taking my own children out skating when I was a young adult. You took me back there so well. I wish I could share in my grandchildren's first skating attempts. I'll be happy to watch though. Skating isn't as easy for me as it was a few(?) years ago!

  6. I would be the twin holding daddy's hand. Never did master the skill of falling down and getting back up....

  7. What an amazing memory that you'll never forget. Precious moments like that is what makes us feel so blessed.

  8. I love that you wrote a poem! We have not tried poetry yet…. maybe an inspriration. We used to skate with our boys every Sunday afternoon in the winter --great memories!

  9. Love that you started. It'll just get easier won't it? How different children can be in their approach to things-even twins! Love your story-poem, Michelle!

  10. How fun! That is something I could never do! I think you are the brave one! :)

  11. Sounds like you guys had big fun! One of the things I remember about my dad when I was a little girl was ice skating! The city used to hose a tennis court at the local high school and we would skate on it all winter. I loved it!

  12. Love the way you can tell the story with so few words! What a fun outing with the girls! Who knows maybe this is the first step on the road to the Olympics. :-)

  13. I'm hoping you're going to scrapbook this poem with the photos of them. This is beyond precious! What a moment in time!

  14. All the details - sights and sounds - wrap around your choice of just the right words to tell this story and share the emotions you all felt. Now that you have begin this skating journey, there are sure to be many more fun days ahead!

  15. I love the way you write!
    I felt like I was there.


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