Tuesday, April 9, 2013

sols: spring arriving

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Spring has finally arrived --

Gray clouds dropping
Rain drops plopping
Thunder lowly rumbling

Tinge of green glowing
Buds begin showing
Flowers boldly emerging

Blue skies peeking
Sunshine rays speaking
Temperatures slowly rising

Fast bicycle riding
People neighborhood striding
Dogs happily joining

Children outside playing
Chalk art staying
Bubbles lightly blowing

Neighbors come a-gleaning
Yard work cleaning
Long winter waving

Spring has finally arrived!


  1. Oh, yes, spring has sprung. The redbuds are blooming and the dogwoods are ready to pop. The birds are nesting and chirping. A beautiful time of the year and a great poem. Love ya M

  2. Yes, spring has finally arrived here too! Thank goodness. Love your poem.

  3. I like the lines "chalk art staying and bubbles lightly blowing." What fun images.

  4. I'm afraid not in our neck of the woods ;-)..snow showers possible on Thursday...really?!? I'll keep looking though!

  5. Hurray for spring! Love the structure of this poem, the words feel really good in my mouth! It was 70 yesterday in Denver, and today we have our first snow day of the year. We are supposed to get a foot of snow by tonight!

  6. I agree with Carol - hoooray for spring - I haven't been this excited for winter to end in a long time. Bring on the warm temps, chalk drawings and bike riding!

  7. Beautiful images in your poem, Michelle! The daffodils popped out on Sunday and tomorrow it's going to be 82 degrees. Seems summer is almost upon us!

  8. I would have said this the past week, but today we have a snow day & snow-all day. What a change. I suspect you'll get some rain out of this, which is a good thing. I love the rhythm of your poem, Michelle, and "long winter waving". Just the thought of saying goodbye makes me happy!

  9. We've had spring for a few days and it's been awesome. However, just an hour or so west of us, there are winter storm warnings AGAIN. We aren't supposed to get much more than an inch or two, but that is too much in April. UGH Enjoy your beautiful weather!

  10. I found it funny that you used some of the same words I did. I guess we are so sick of the winter that we celebrate whenever we can. Love your poem!

  11. Chalk art staying - I love that. Your celebration of spring is fantastic.

  12. Love it! The neighbors coming out resonated with me. We hole ourselves up in the winter months and start to surface when the weather warms. We are starting to experience Spring here too...it is wonderful that everything seems to blossom and come back out. Enjoy your Spring.

  13. There's joy in your poem. Even in the the rain and thunder. I am still waiting for the spring to really arrive. There are some early signs.

  14. Your poem has me singing and waving to the spring, "Hello, Happy Morning."

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