Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sols: snippets of life

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I'm amazed by my two little ones each and every day.  They make me laugh. They make me cry.  They make me shake my head in disbelief.

Last night was no different.

M. picked up an extra goodie bag of foot fun that I made as little Christmas gifts.  I decided to keep one for myself, but never managed to put it away.

"Mom, what's this?"  M. asked inspecting the contents of the goodie bag.

"Fun stuff for my feet!  You know what that is.  What is it?"

"Umm..." M. pondered, searching for the words.  Then shouted, "It's pail nolish!"

Laughter erupted and we corrected her accidental word play.

P. browsed the three rows of books and plucked an old favorite from the shelf.

"Mommy, will you read Peek-A-Who? with me?"

"Of course!"  I'm one to never say no to reading a book!

I read through it once with her help. To my surprise, she started back at the beginning and began reading aloud each page.  And she continued to do so, two, three, four times!

"Peek a who.  Peek a - moo.  Peek a - ghost!  Boo!  Peek a - Z. Zoo!  Peek a choo-choo!    Peek a - me!"

Pure delight in my eyes!

As P. was reading, M. was playing catch with Daddy.  The mini-frisbee made it's way to her sister and bopped her on the hand.

P. proceeded to yell, "Oh, sh&#!  Sh%&!  Sh*%!  Sh$#!"

Smiles and laughter held in tightly.  Then BIG eyes at Daddy asking: Where did she learn that?!?  Shaking my head in disbelief of her timing.  


  1. As Art Linkletter used to say: "Kids say the darnedest thing!" I'm so glad that you are writing down their snippets and sharing them. That's what I miss. How quickly they pick up on the words we don't want them to know. Love ya, M

  2. The word-play and unexpected use of adult language never fail to entertain. I regret that I didn't write things down when my kids were small.

  3. Oh, adult language! Something I haven't heard out of the mouth of my daughter -- yet. My friend just told me a story about her daughter using the b-word two weeks ago, but it was in reference to a female dog. She blurted it out "Harry Met Sally" style in a local diner. Oh the stories of kids and their adult words!

  4. So true what your mom said...have to be really careful now...But it is really so cute and funny at that age! Keep the snippets coming!

  5. We've all been there and heard similar "lines" pop out of the mouths of little babes! I once overheard my son call out to his sister in anger, "You are full of SHIPS!" He gleefully volunteered that his teenage cousins like to fish and that is what they said to each other when they were mad....sigh....we substituted something about "fajatas"...for a while...and then went with the old standby "darn"! Now you will stop and substitute some NEW and more socially appropriate phrases - skip the fajitas and ships based on my experiences!

  6. Sweet and hysterical...thanks for sharing. I guess I thought everyone was pretty perfect in the sweet twin house. That was a great one to save to read to them, at the appropriate age, of course. XO

  7. That's funny. At least she used it in proper context.

  8. Very funny! Your little one is a great listener!!

  9. Love it---They are certainly learning in LOTS of ways. Enjoy this time--your blog will be a great way for you to share these stories with them when they are older!

  10. Oh rats, Miss P has learned my favorite word! ;) Keep sharing these snippets. Our favorite family stories include word mixups (birth receipt, pi-woah, tankini)

  11. Don't you just love it...you clearly do. So nice to hear a sweet story of family time and surprise.

  12. I love the contrast between the sweetness and the innocent naughtiness, the laughter and the laughter-held-in, the shared look of amusement and the look of playful accusation. The girls are going to treasure these slices one day--glimpses into their childhood.

  13. Oh, my...you've got to love the little doodle-doos our children make! Thanks for sharing their cuteness! We recently had a similar mishap with the s word! It is funny to hear the context in from which it pops out...love hear about the reading of the books as well...it makes the heart of the reading specialist flutter with joy!


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