Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SOLS: Almost . . . a Celebration

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Last week was a celebration!  The BIG 100 blog posts!
          (Hands in the air! Wave 'em like I just don't care!)

Well, almost.
          (Arms down. Smile to a frown.)

Ok.  So, I thought I was celebrating my 100th blog post last week.  As I read the glorious congratulatory comments, my eyes drifted to the left-hand side of my blog.  A huge

2011 (95)

screamed out at me.
          (Bug eyes in total surprise!)

Apparently, I have written 100 posts, but only published 95.  I'm kinda, like, short of that 100 mark.
          (Shaking head in disappointment.)

Yep, celebrated prematurely.  Hope that's not bad luck or anything . . .

But . . . now, I've got myself wondering about those five secret posts that I wrote, but never published.
          (A Secret Slice of Life?)


  1. Haha! I loved the asides you wrote in italics--I could just "hear" you thinking. And I wonder where the phantom posts went?? Oh well, now you only have four more to go!

  2. I think you are either holding out on us or wanting two celebrations? Fess up! Which is it? :)

  3. Consider it your practice celebration!

  4. You're wonderful to even admit the mistake. I didn't even think to look at the number, & I do wonder where those undiscovered posts went? I imagine you went 'oops' when your eyes glided over. OK, but now you own us!

  5. Love it--that Secret Slice of Life! Congratulations on whatever number you're on at this point! I like your slice set up--statements with a visual!


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