Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SOLS: Ready or Not

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The buzzing chatter
Excitement over a new year
Refreshed and rejuvenated

Meetings begin
Classrooms unwrapped
My head already spinning with ideas

Exhausted -- early to bed
 Can't even keep my eyes open to read tonight
Asleep as fast as I can say --

"Is that the alarm already?"
Up bright and early for day two
A new day full of wonder

The possibilities
The opportunities
One child at a time

I'm ready.
Are you ready?
Ready or not, our students are!



  1. "Classrooms unwrapped" and "One child at a time"...two lines that stick with me. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I like that 'classroom' unwrapped too, & the 'one child at a time' - so right! Have a wonderful week this first week!

  3. Okay, you've inspired me to not hit the snooze bar next week.

    "The possibilities...the opportunities" ...so true!
    I love your writing!

  4. I will begin "unwrapping" my classroom tomorrow. We start school next Monday, but couldn't get in until then due to construction. I've had ideas swimming in my head and look forward to the year ahead. Thanks for sharing your poem!

  5. Nice! I too love the "unwrapping" imagery... I also like the message you send with your last line. We need to be ready, whether we feel like it or not.

  6. "The possibilities
    The opportunities
    One child at a time"
    Great lines! I can't get into my classroom until the 22nd., but I am so ready!

  7. Such a great visualization of the beginning of the school year! You've captured a lot of the feelings I have at starting the year! :-)

  8. You captured the anticipation of starting school perfectly. Good luck with your new year. I can't wait to read your reflections throughout the year.

  9. Well put! I am SO NOT READY, but I have run in to a few students this week, and they ARE SO READY! :) I hope your first week goes well!!!

  10. Your poem shows how positive you are about the upcoming school year. My poem (that I never wrote) would sound more like a stage fright. No matter how I feel now I will have my classroom "unwrapped" and I know I will be ready for Monday when the students arrive.
    Happy New School Year!

  11. I wish I was feeling that "Christmas morning" aspect of unwrapping my room. I am starting to visualize the opportunities and possibilities and that excitement will carry the day - I know my students will get the "feeling" and that will carry the day!

  12. Your poem really captures what goes through a teacher's mind. Do you mind if I share your poem with teachers at some of our upcoming PD days? It really is perfect!

  13. Diana - absolutely! (I'm blushing...) Thanks for asking and enjoy! Michelle


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