Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SOLS: I'll Think of You When . . .

My two girls - my little angels.

I'll think of you when . . .
it's the beginning of your day as
I drop you off with Miss Kate and quickly exit.
I'll hear your cries echoing in my head.
My heart aching that I have to leave you both.

I'll think of you when . . .
I have arrived at school.
Reassuring myself
that you'll both be just fine.
You are in good hands.

I'll think of you when . . .
it's the middle of the day and
lunch is being served.
You will be nourished with
food, play, and love.

I'll think of you when . . .
I am on my way home in the late afternoon
to pick you up.
To love you. To squeeze you. To kiss you.
To hold on tight --
until tomorrow.


  1. I remember it was sooooo hard to leave my daughters in someone else's care and go to work. Your poem includes both the heart ache and the reassurance that everything will be ok with the children. Yes everything will be ok with them and with you. But you can't stop missing them.

  2. It's amazing how our kids fill our mind when we are not together. Does my son know I still think of him, 2000 miles away 29 years after his birth? I doubt it, but I do. I loved your poem.

  3. I was fortunate to be able to stay home after my second child was born and return to the work force 5 years later. The good thing about teaching though, is that there is very little time to worry about your own, when you are worrying about someone else's!

  4. It isn't easy, but remember you'll kind of form a partner/relationship with the caregiver, who will love & adore them too, giving you a bit of worry off your plate. Your poem showed your feelings so well, but especially in that line, "I'll think of you". Elsie is right; we don't stop thinking even when they're grown & far away.

  5. From the moment they are born, our children reside in the forefront of our minds. What a lovely poem. I hope you read it to your girls when they're a little older.

  6. I think back to when I was in the same boat. I'm so glad you've found someone you trust - that's the most important piece.

    I love your poem!

  7. What a beautiful poem....so truthfully concocted and full of love. It is SO very hard to leave our little ones in someone else's hands. Good luck! Your girls will have a wonderful time when you are away and will smother you with love when you return.

  8. Love your poem - the beauty of your love and the longing only a mother can understand. Your last stanza is my favorite; it captures your heart. (I still think of my children throughout the day and they are in high school and middle school.) :)MaryHelen

  9. What a beautiful poem you have written. It describes every emotion that you will go thru when that day arrives. It's never easy turning our precious children over to someone else (remember how hard it was last year when you left them with family), but it will all be good and you will enjoy them that much more when you come home at the end of the day. I know how hard it was when I left you at daycare, but look how you turned out! Love ya, M

  10. It's amazing how these tiny little people take hold of our heart. . . don't you wonder where all that love was kept inside of you before you were blessed? You will have "us" to support you at work when ever you need "us"... I'm glad you found someone who will take care of your precious daughters. . . the funny thing is that feeling of missing them never goes away no matter how old they are!


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