Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Where Will We Catch You Reading?

A few weeks ago, I shared an awesome prezi that my colleague, Chris, created.  Well, we just knew we had to share it at school to motivate our students to read this summer.

Our school day starts off with a morning broadcast.  A team of fifth grade students and our awesome LRC teacher work together to share daily school news updates, reminders, birthday announcements, and occasionally, they also introduce guest anchors.  Chris and I have become part of the news "family" and are quite comfortable going on the broadcast  -- even though their budget doesn't include hair and makeup.  

Time to reach all the students and teachers.  The last week of school, we made yet another debut on the news.  We shared the prezi.  We promoted summertime reading.  We suggested fun places to read.  We encouraged everyone to take a picture.

To spark some creative thinking, we also created a bulletin board asking: Where will you read this summer?  We enticed many of our small group work students to illustrate where we might catch them reading this summer: at the beach, at the pool, on a comfy chair, on a hill, on a roller coaster!!! The pictures are hanging up on the bulletin board until school begins again . . .

Our hope is that staff and students WILL read this summer and bring in a picture at the start of the new school year.  They can also email us pictures as well.  Many students were pumped:

"I know I'm moving to Washington D.C., but can I still send a picture?"


"My family is traveling to Denmark.  Can we take a picture?"


"I am going to California.  Maybe I could take a picture reading at Legoland."


"I'm not going anywhere.  Can I take a picture at my house?"


We can't wait to see where our kids will be reading this summer.
How about you?
Where will we catch you reading?
Me?  I'm reading in my screened-in porch while it drizzles and drops outside.

Michelle baring her dirty summer toes doing some
professional development reading:  
The Book Whisperer (Miller)


  1. Great idea! I'm going to share this. And, by the way, you'll catch me reading at the lake most of the time. But sometimes, I'm on my screened in deck at home. I'll send you pictures!

  2. Ahhhh The perfect spot! I'm packing my bags with clothes and my 31 bag with books. I'll be reading in the car on the way, while I'm there, and on the way home from our trip. Great idea!


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