Wednesday, March 15, 2017

{tale of a tooth} 15/31 #sol17

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M. has a loose tooth. Wiggle, wiggle. Push, push.

"Mommy, look!" She says as she shows me how she can push her tooth all the way forward with her tongue. 

It is just barely hanging on. Of course, right at bedtime she decides it's bothering her. Wiggle, wiggle. Push, push.

"Just pull it," I insist.

I can't.
I want to ...
Okay ...

"Then let it rest tonight. It will fall out when it is ready." I kiss her on her forehead and wish her sweet dreams.

Minutes later ...

"Mommy? I'm afraid there is a tarantula under my bed," M. quietly calls from the top of the stairs.

I walk over, look up at her and provide her with several reassuring reasons why I know for a fact that there are no tarantulas under her bed.

All the while ... Wiggle, wiggle. Push, push. She is wiggling that loose tooth staring down at me with those big scared eyes. I'm not sure if this is a delay tactic or not.

"Okay..." she reluctantly responds. And she's tucked back into bed, hopefully ready for some sweet dreams. I head back to the couch to read some slices.

Minutes later ...

"Mommy! I did it! I just decided to pull my tooth! It came out!" M. screams from the top of the stairs.

Startled, I jump off the couch, grab my phone because losing a tooth is a celebration. I always take a new picture. 

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and look up to see M. beaming ... with a BIGGER gap in her smile.

This was Tooth #5.  Still as scary and exciting as ever! And we had sweet dreams ... without any tarantulas.

M. lost tooth #5 on 3.13.17!



  1. Way to go M! That smile just keeps getting bigger and brighter! So glad there were no tarantulas (where did she get the idea of them?) and a good night's sleep. Love ya, Mom

  2. I knew it was going to come out before sleep would begin. Love the wiggle, wiggle, push, push.

  3. Ugh teeth! Hooray that M was brave enough to pull out the tooth!!

  4. Wiggle, wiggle, push. Oh, the toothless smile.

  5. What a sweet, sweet story! Gotta love those hanging teeth!

  6. I often think how much your children are going to love reading your slices when they are older. You capture moments so beautifully.


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