Thursday, March 9, 2017

{comfort} 9/31 #sol17


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During my pregnancy with our twins over seven years ago, my husband and I had many doctor visits.  I was considered "high risk" because of I was pregnant with multiples and because I was at the ripe old age of 34.  

On our way to our doctor appointments, Jon and I would religiously stop by a local PotBelly near the doctor's office for some comfort food and relaxing atmosphere.  It became our thing. Our date day together. Time to connect during the stress and excitement of the reality of bringing two new babies into this world.

This additional stop before our doctor appointments were eventually scheduled weekly a couple months into the pregnancy until the day our precious girls arrived. That's a lot of PotBelly time.

Yesterday I had an appointment near the same doctor's office.  I also had some time before my appointment and decided to stop by that same PotBelly. All those feelings of comfort returned as I walked inside. It felt right.

I was disappointed to find out that they no longer serve our favorite Big Jack's PB&J -- that was our serious comfort food.  I selected the Broccoli & Cheddar soup instead. Of course, I also grabbed a "Dream Bar." One can never go wrong with this heavenly treat.

So, there I sat, writing this little slice. Alone. Feeling tears of concern and worry and joy. And yet comfort too. Just as I did over seven years ago, even though there was nothing to worry about today. 

I took a deep breath before leaving for my appointment. I smiled as I thought about my total for today's comfort food: $7.77. 

A little comfort in numbers too.


  1. A great walk down memory lane - lots of good times and comforting thoughts. Love ya, Mom

  2. One never knows when comfort comes your way, even in PB&J. It's a nice memory. Hard to believe these years have passed so quickly.

  3. It's amazing how a place can take on so much meaning based on what you associate it with. I could not get a cup of coffee for $7.77 where I live ... what a deal!

  4. The simplest things can always make us happy (:

  5. Food, feelings and memories. Slice of comfort.

  6. You had me at the Dream Bar 😀. Loved your honest, comforting writing of this slice.

  7. It always amazes me how a place - the sights, sounds and smells - can bring you right back into the moment. I hope you find a time to get back there together for another day date.

  8. I was waiting for you to say that you and your husband had reinstated date nights at Potbelly's!

  9. I wish I could meet you at the PotBelly sometime.
    I need to look that up! It's a new name to me!


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