Sunday, March 12, 2017

{all writing} 12/31 #sol17

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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"What are we going to do after lunch?"

"I need to spend some time writing..." Thinking that I need to catch up and write two posts today. I like to be a day ahead with my slices and I skipped Friday night.

P. jumps up and down. "Yes! Can we? I can write on my iPad! We can have a writing afternoon! What are you going to write about?"

"I don't know yet ..."

We settle at the dining room table. The girls grab their iPads and sit one on each side of me and scooch their chairs in closer. They bring their scrapbooks that Grandma made them from when they were babies.

I visit a few blogs. Leave comments. And sit and watch the writers that surround me. 

One of my girls is busy typing, adding drawings, and inserting photos. 

"Look at this. I drew this picture." 

"Shhh ... Please be quiet. I'm recording."

The other is recording her voice to add to her photos that she took of herself as a baby from the baby scrapbook. 

They have found the love of creating and writing using the Story Creator app and have written many books.  I'm amazed at how they jump in. Ideas flowing. Add. Delete. Add some more. No fear or reservation. As if all of this is fun to do -- 

"What are you writing now?" My writing thoughts quickly interrupted as I was writing the scene that was playing out in front of me.

I read my slice aloud. It was approved by my editors. 

"Oh, you are writing about us now."

"Hey, that's what I said. Are those talking marks? Why did you slant the words? What are you going to write next?"

I answer the rapid fire questions and try to get back into my writing moment. I'm quickly reminded why I like to write alone without interruption in the quiet of the night ... with my other two busy, active, talking writers, this may be the best I can do today.

*Ring! Ring!* 

"Oh, I bet that's Grandma ..." I jump up and answer the phone. 

"Hi! Are you busy?"

"Oh, I'm just trying to finish my slice ..."


  1. I LOVE this! Especially seeing how your daughters have taken their inspiration from you to work on their own writing. Awesome.

  2. This is WONDERFUL! I felt like I was sitting in the room with you, watching your daughters learn from you! My daughter has been increasingly interested in my blogging... a side benefit I hadn't anticipated!

  3. So wonderful to witness their interest in writing. They know so much already! Thank you for this wonderful snapshot of your girls.

  4. How awesome that you encourage your daughters this way - their enthusiasm is palpable and invaluable.

  5. Writers in the making. Such a great role model you are. They have the tools, the imagination and encouragement. Glad that I could add to your challenge! Love ya, Mom

  6. LOL- love the example you are setting. Glad you were able to complete your slice and allow them to be a part as well.

  7. Inquiring minds want to know, and you have a couple of the cutest minds. What a great way to spend some time and write!

  8. This is great! I love how unafraid children are to put themselves out there with writing - I used to write plays and stories constnatly with my friends. I still have quite a few of them saved on my laptop to look back on, and laugh.


  9. I love this slice! Three authors working together! Although I kinda do wonder how you finish anything!

  10. I love this. Even though your writing got interrupted, it is such a great writing moment. I love that your girls see you writing and see them selves as writers. Super fun!

  11. I love this slice. It is the essence of creating real writers who wrote for meaningful purposes.

  12. Oh my heart, those girls are mini Michelles when it comes to writing! Can't wait until they are published!!


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