Saturday, March 4, 2017

{sleeping beauties} 4/31 #sol17


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Every year I write about this moment. This moment that happens every night, and it's not even a full minute of my day.

This tender moment fills my momma heart.

At the end of a long day, just before I'm ready to fall into bed, I make my way down the hall.

I walk in the girls' room following the glowing night light and the quiet rain showers coming from the sound machine.

One body is spread sideways across the bed with no blanket and her Wolfie stuffed animal is flopped on the floor.

The other is tucked in tightly under her blanket, sleeping on her tummy with her Wolfie snuggled in.

I brush the wisps of hair off their face and just take a moment to stare.

In this moment I thank God for these two amazing sleeping beauties.

So peaceful. So angelic. So tender. Maybe a little more drool. And a quiet snore.  I smile.

I kiss their soft foreheads and gently touch their cheek with my thumb. There's a slight movement.

Before I leave I whisper, "Good night. Sleep tight. I love you to the moon and back. Forever."


And another treasured moment is on a Saturday morning like today, one little angel came sneaking in my room, tapped me on my back and asked, "Can I snuggle with you?"  



  1. Such a sweet post. I remember as you were growing up, that I too would check in on you and your brother every night and think these same thoughts. How blessed I am to have two wonderful children and now two special granddaughters. God is Great!

  2. I always love the posts you share about the girls...such peaceful moments :)

  3. Treasured moments. Isn't it great that you are writing these down?

  4. I remember another post you had written about this topic, and it so touched my heartstrings. As someone with two 20-something daughters, this chance to kiss foreheads nightly is not one to miss. Enjoy your precious ones.

  5. :) I love that time of night. Sometimes I check on them at night just because I want to see the peace in their faces.

  6. Such a sweet, sweet slice. I miss these days with my boys!

  7. So precious. I agree with Carol - I miss these days with my children.

  8. Precious, precious, precious.

  9. These are the moments to savor.


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