Saturday, March 11, 2017

{still I write} 11/31 #sol17

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I write.

I like to write in the late evenings. Then I reread and edit in the morning and post my slice for the day. It works for me.

Dinner is done. Homework complete. Bedtime stories enjoyed. Girls tucked in. The house is quiet. Chores are almost caught up. Jon is relaxing on the couch with the TV on. I can count down: three ... two ... one. His eyes are closed.

I now write. 

Most days I have an idea of what I want to share and write about from the day.  Other days I open up my notebook looking at my scribble of seeds. I like to feel the connection with one of the ideas. 

Last night, we attended the girls' school fun fair. We were up later than usual. After a full day at school, several hours at the fun fair, and girls tucked into bed, I was ready to sit down and write, but my eyes were having trouble staying open and I had no connection to a story.

I did not write.

Therefore, I could not post earlier today. The day was scheduled: the girls played in the Winter Festival Soccer Tournament (aka fun games of indoor soccer) all afternoon. Then we squeezed in time for a pedicure (all 4 of us!) and some planning for our spring break.

The girls are now quietly playing together. And so I try to write. But today I'm not feeling it. There isn't one story that is ready for me to share. 

But still I write.

Even if a little later than usual. Maybe the schedule change is messing with my inner-writing mojo. Tomorrow may be just the same. Sometimes that's how the weekend goes.

A later writer. A later slice. A later post. A later commenting.

Yet, still I write.


  1. I have had a few days like that- but yet we push through. Tomorrow is a new day and I have no doubt that again, you will write.

  2. Some days I can't wait to share my slice. I can't decide between a multitude of ideas and I'm in a zone. And there there are days like this one-it's just not "flowing". And still we write. That is when we can empathize with our students and speak with honesty to them about the process. GREAT reminder! Glad you had a fun day with the girls.

  3. I posted a little bit later today too...for the same reasons. Ideas were just not coming. But hey, we can say we wrote!

  4. Early or late, it doesn't matter. Just write. Right? I'm like you, I like to have something ready the night before so it can marinate over night. Then in the morning, I might see a revision or two (or more) before I post. It's been a busy weekend for you and the girls.

  5. Some days are easier to find inspiration than others. Clever how you used your routine of writing to write today's post.

  6. I love the style you used to write this- the italicized lines pull it all together!

  7. "Yet still I write." Love this. Great slice. You have a lot to say even when you don't think you do.

  8. I have a similar pattern for my post writing, and I've had similar experiences where I just can't find a connection. I love the way you pulled it together.

  9. This has probably been the best lesson from slicing - even when busy or tired, even when you can't choose what to write about, even when it seems that there are no words, you can just write, reveal what is in your head, let out your thoughts and feelings, and the words will come, a slice is born.

  10. I love how you write.
    Your slices are wonderful.
    Your slices are helpful.
    Your slices are sweet.


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