Saturday, March 10, 2018

{chalk-imagination} 10/31 #sol18


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Yesterday's slice is a prologue to this slice ...

My almost-eight year old girls enjoy playing outside. Like, real playing. Creative playing. Making games playing. Imagination playing. For hours playing.

One recent spring-like day, the girls headed outside to play. They grabbed the big box of chalk and began to draw and create a little town all over our driveway and front sidewalk.

Houses Streets Police Station Fire Station Curvy roads
Traffic signals Parking lots Turn only lanes Driveways Garages

Once their town was complete, they grabbed their bikes and played in their town.

A house full of rooms

Another house with three floors

The long, curvy roads

Buildings and parking garage

Police Station and Fire Department buildings (and Harley)

It makes my heart so happy that my girls can make their own fun. I never rarely hear the words, "I'm bored. What can I do?" Together, they collaborate to create fun using their imaginations.

I hope this creative spirit lives in them for a long, long time.


  1. Loved the pics of this town your girls created. And your words describing their creative spirit. Something tells me they'll be playing joyfully for a long time. Enjoy every sweet moment!

  2. It will - it is in them now! It may play out differently but learning not to be bored is a lifetime skill. So sweet - thank you for sharing.

  3. Yahoo! Kids who play outside with their imaginations free to try out new ideas! Kids need more unstructured play time like this. Thanks for sharing the text and pictures.

  4. I love this chalk town (and that you took the time to share it!)! This reminds me SO much of my own children, especially my daughter, when they play. It is my favorite kind of play to observe.

  5. LOVE!!! We had one little patch of driveway that could be chalked upon last weekend (it's re-buried this weekend though!)

    I posted this on Twitter last night. It's about imagination and children. It's 24 pages, but don't let that intimidate you - very easy to read!

  6. This is great! I am sure that had so much fun creating. My almost four year old daughter loves when we make obstacle courses with a variety of shapes and symbols for her to jump, slide, twirl, hop and spin through. Last weekend, she asked my mom to trace her. She laid down on the driveway and we made a silhouette of her body. My daughter went back and added eyes, eyelashes, and a smile. Chalk art is so much fun!

  7. Plenty of chalk and plenty of space let the fun last. I read this slice and remember that Mimm was little once, like a century ago.

  8. Their creative comes naturally. You have instilled in them imagination thru books and play. Love the pictures. I thought Harley was trying to take a walk thru their town. Love ya, Mom

  9. So cute! And I love that this is the one you crafted together! (I made sure to come back especially to see it!)

  10. Are your daughters close in age? We have 4 girls; the 2 youngest are 16 months apart. They are 17 & now, but as young girls, they were always up to something together, and like yours, rarely bored. Thank you for rekindling memories for me through your post!

  11. I love that your girls spend so much time outside creating. I feel like way too many kids I know don't get outside time. And it makes me sad!

  12. What wonders chalk can create! Your girls will have memories of the fun with their chalk and bikes. So much better than video games.


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