Thursday, March 8, 2018

{photo walking} 8/31 #sol18


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
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Our new puppy Harley 
almost six months old
brings much joy 
and some frustration 
to our daily life. 

And other days 
it's some joy 
and much frustration! 
Official training is 
starting today.

One consistent positive 
walking her every day
through our neighborhood
across bridges, around small lakes, 
near the park, and back again. 

noticing more (nature and beauty)
talking more (to the dog, she listens)
thinking more (about this life)
writing more (in my head)
alone time walking with the dog

Missing out on 
capturing those words
so instead
I take more 


  1. The juxtaposition of some and much at the start grabbed me in right away as the reader! I also connected to your line “writing more (in my head)” as I do that, too! It can be fun to do, though frustrating to keep track! I’ve found myself dictating notes when the juices really get flowing! Happy puppy walking and training! Ours turns 10 next month-always a puppy at heart!

  2. She's so beautiful! My elderly pit bull no longer wants to walk, and I do miss that daily time to move and clear my head and yes, write! So many lines and ideas came to me as we were walking our neighborhood. As much as I love walking, it's hard for me to motivate myself when I don't have a dog. Perhaps a puppy is in my future too? I really like how much joy and some frustration switch in the second stanza.

  3. How can that sweet face bring frustration? Always loved walking Max - time to think, pray and yes, write in my head. Miss those days - sometimes. Love ya, Mom

  4. Oh I remember those puppy days all too well. Truly a fine balance of joy and frustration. Beautiful way to express it.

  5. The "more" in walking the dog shows why the "much frustration" days can easily be forgiven.

  6. I'm glad I can stop by and read your slice. I had to smile when I read the second stanza...the complete opposite of stanza one! Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows exactly what you are feeling. The phrase "thinking more" really resonates with me, too, because I sometimes believe I think TOO much! But that also is why I need to write-I need to get those thoughts down on paper. Thanks for the slice.

  7. The best thing about our Chloe is that she gets me outside and moving. I get a lot of thinking and planning done on our walks. I love that you are finding the same thing with Harley. At times those walks seem like an intrusion because there is always so much to do. But once your embrace the time to think while you walk, they become something to look forward to

  8. Harley looks a lot my dog, Star, who is now 11, and brings me much joy, most days, but is a shameless counter surfer and carb lover. I couldn't even guess how many loaves of bread or packages of hamburger buns she has eaten in her lifetime! Yikes! And she is relentless in her insistence on walks- it's a great time to decompress the day, and also a little exercise. Enjoy!

  9. I feel you! Our puppy is 6 months old now. She can definitely be frustrating, but most of the time she brings me joy :) I loved the contrast in this piece. It was perfect!


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