Monday, March 28, 2016

{the end} 28/31 #sol16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
hosted at the Two Writing Teachers
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Goodnight and The End

closing my heavy eyes
reading slices of your life
opening up my laptop
snuggled under the blanket
plopping on the couch

kisses and hugs and sleep tight tonight
girls tucked in bed and prayers
another chapter or two (or three)
pjs and bathroom and teeth
the nightly bedtime routine

dishes carefully loaded -- start
lasagna, garlic bread, and salad
homemade with lots of love
reheating my pre-birthday dinner leftovers
easy dinner plans

a full day back to school
sharing about our spring break adventures
lots of talking, chatting and writing
good morning! I missed you! So good to see you!
welcoming greetings and smiles

and the beginning of a new day, a new week
heading to the real wake up call
stretching as I stumbled out of bed
opening my heavy eyes
the alarm beeps me awake

Once upon a Monday ...


  1. Sorry that your dreams were interrupted by the beeping of the alarm. Hope Monday was good day. It was a fabulous week with y'all! Love ya, Mom

  2. First day back is always the hardest to go from relaxation to full speed ahead! I believe there are only 50 something days of school left! xoxo

  3. Happy Monday!?! Hooray one day done this week and tomorrow is a special day :)

  4. And the routine begins again with vacation just a distant memory.

  5. It is those back to school Mondays that make our time off so precious! Like the Pumpkin Spice Coffee that only comes out in fall, we truly appreciate that which we look forward to!

  6. Love your "bed-to-bed" story. It's quite clever. As always, your posts never disappoint. 😊

  7. Your slice made busy Monday seem organized and easy-breezy! Hope all went smoothly!

  8. Always love reading your writing.

  9. Trying to read daily, catching up. Monday long gone, Tuesday almost over. Your words are goid to read on any day.


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