Saturday, March 12, 2016

{happy} 12/31 #sol16

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I'm struggling living my one little word lately. I shouldn't be. I mean, c'mon, there is so much to be happy about ... Even the song is playing right now as I write this little slice.  I need to find the sunshine in my days ...

So, here's why I'm happy today ... (clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth)

Happy to be with my girls -- that will be SIX years old too soon -- growing and learning each day surprising me with what they know ... and say!

Happy to be writing again a little each day, reading as many slices as my time will allow every day ... and connecting with many other moms, teachers, and writers!

Happy to be dreaming about our adventure as we move to a new home in a couple months ... a process that started in January and will open a new chapter in our family book come May!

Happy to be working closely with a colleague that gets me and understands my passion for literacy and education ... even when there are days we feel like we cause too much trouble together!

Happy to be thinking about spring break, even though our plans changed with the purchase of the house ... We thought we would be heading to the beach, but instead we are packing and thinking about that new home waiting for us.

Happy to be ... that's what I need to remember each day, each hour, each minute, each moment of every day.

Happy to live this little life of mine.

And how happy I am to be so, so blessed.


  1. What a perfect post! I love your OLW! It sounds like you have so much to be "Happy" about! How exciting to be moving into a new house!!!

  2. As I read your post, I can hear the HAPPY song play in my head! Glad to hear you are causing "trouble" at school. Push those teachers to be their best - RAH RAH RAH!

  3. Definitely much to be happy about! I love the way you described your colleague!

  4. What a happy post! I know you'll be busy packing up during break, but it's for a great cause. I especially love your line: "Happy to live this little life of mine." And isn't a colleague who understand our passion the best gift ever?

  5. Definitely lots to be happy about!

  6. That's my girl! Getting the happy on :-) xoxo

  7. They do say that a lot of feeling happy comes from looking for what you're grateful for. You've nailed it!

  8. I'm glad to see all the happiness in your life, Michelle, and always glad to hear about the girls. They are exactly between my granddaughters so I have an idea what they are like. Six is a special age. And it is exciting about your home.

  9. So much to be happy about. I'm so happy you're my daughter and can share this writing with you. Your last line says it all: "And how happy I am to be so, so blessed." God blesses us with so much and yet we deserve so little. Love ya, Mom

  10. Your list of happy reminds how important it is to pause and list the gratitude. Otherwise we might loose the focus and not notice what is well.

  11. This made ME happy! :-) You have so many things to be happy about! We couldn't change our spring break plans when we found out we sold our house, so we're in a bit of a panic mode with the time crunch. We're determined to get as much done as possible so we can enjoy that cruise! Hopefully you'll get to enjoy the beach next year! Good luck!

  12. So many reasons to be happy! God is good.


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